Don explains ooey gooey

Don Kennedy

Don Kennedy

Today, I visited Don Kennedy in his Buckhead studio where he records the nationally syndicated “Big Band Jump”.  But your memories are more about his days as Officer Don on WSB-Television’s “The Popeye Club”.  It was the decade of the 60s.   Don explains the show’s most memorable game, Ooey Gooey.CIMG3285  In my time with Don , he shared many other personal memories as Officer Don… and  his life out of uniform.   You’ll read and hear those in future postings.


8 Responses to “Don explains ooey gooey”

  1. Marian Dudash Says:

    I am so glad to hear that Officer Don is still living. I remember taking my daughters (now 47 and 51) to the Popeye Club show when they were little. They watched the Popeye Club tv show every day. Ooey Gooey was their favorite game. My girls once held a Muscular Distrophy fair with a kit sent by the Popeye Club. They presented the money raised by attending the Popeye Club in person.

    Your article about Officer Don brought back memories of such happy times.

  2. Marian Dudash Says:

    I forgot to ask in my comments just sent to you – I am interested in listening to Don Kennedy’s radio show, “Big Band Jump.” How can I find out of any Atlanta stations broadcast the program?

    • Don McClellan Says:

      Hey Marian, you can hear Don Kennedy’s “Big Band Jump” on WRAS (88.5 on the FM dial) every Sunday from 11 a.m. to noon. It’s also on Georgia Public Broadcasting stations Sunday evenings from 6 to 7 p.m. The complete schedule is on Thanks for taking the time. Don McClellan

  3. Greg Says:

    Over on the Atlanta Time Machine, you can see (and hear!) the 45rpm record made by Officer Don explaining the Ooey Gooey.

  4. Sherry Smith Says:

    Not only did I watch you faithfully , my husband (Jeff Smith) lived across the street from you when he was growing up! I was impressed. Thanks for all the great memories! Oh and I use the ball and can game as a reference to all kinds of things in my life! (I had 5 kids; it fit.) LOL

  5. Robert Barnes Says:

    I was in the 10th grade when I got to be an “apprentice” on the crew at WSB-TV, White Columns on Peachtree and for a brief time, got to work on the Popeye Club. Ooey Gooey has remained the most mentioned feature of the show, besides Officer Don and what he meant to kids back then. Seeing Don over the years as I worked in the industry – I couldn’t help but feel he was always one of the kindest, nicest, more down to earth people I ever met in Television. In 1976 I was fortunate enough to win a local Emmy for a documentary – and to my utter delight Don Kennedy announced the winner and shook my hand, along with Bill Tush as I accepted the award. Symbolically it meant a lot more to me than you would think. Through the years – Don Kennedy and his broadcasting career in Atlanta mark the golden age of television – young, innocent, live, and most of all – FUN. Thanks for the memories Don, for being a positive role model and for Ooey Gooey. You were a real pioneer. And that’s a rare item these days.

  6. Brian Keith O'Hara Says:

    My Mom worked at WSB in the mid 1960’s. One of my great joys was appearing on the Popeye Club. Years later I was at the Gulf Station in the late 1970’s and saw Officer Don. I walked over and thanked him for a lot of happy memories. What a great guy and nice man, no greater compliment is possible.

  7. Carolyn Wills Says:

    My daughter, Carol Sue Ragsdale Kidd, now age 55, watched the
    Popeye Club every day. Wonderful and clean entertainment for
    children of that Era.
    Thanks Officer Don

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