Saturday adventures

What a day!   A 5K race in the morning (Doug Kessler Lightning 5K and 10K in Sandy Springs), a visit to a flooded house in the afternoon, and wrestling with my cable company in the evening.   Charter cable still was out when I went to bed around 10:30 p.m.P1080367  This is a house in the Buckhead section of Atlanta that we called home for many years.  It’s now a rental home.  Our tenants temporarily have moved out because the flood waters moved in.  Making the house livable again comes in two stages.P1080376

First,  a remediation company rips out the hardwood floors and the wallboard up to the water line..then drys the house ro prevent mold and other long-term damage.   The contractor next week will begin restoring the house to make it livable again as soon as possible.  Thank God, we have flood insurance!


One Response to “Saturday adventures”

  1. Vic White Says:

    Too bad about your rental house being flooded but great that you do have flood insurance.

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