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Legs and the roarin’ twenties

October 31, 2009



These leggy ladies are part of the “roarin’ twenties” theme for the pre-halloween celebration at Emory.   Participants and staff in the Emory Heartwise Risk Reduction Program had fun with halloween or costumes from the twenties.CIMG3453CIMG3450CIMG3455Halloween is for the child in all of us.


Clay Knight

23-year-old intern Clay Knight as the enforcer.






Lunie Banks and me

We exercised-danced to “The Charleston”.  Now, you’re going to see a series of other pics from the party.CIMG3446CIMG3448


Birthday Party

October 30, 2009



We don’t do this very often, but Wednesday was a hallmark in my brother’s life.  He’s lived the Biblical three-score and ten.    A day later, my wife, Gisela, is proud to say she’s 67.   So with their birthday’s only one day apart, we celebrate together.   Jerry’s second from the left.  Gisela second from the right.   My son, Scott… my sister-in law,Diana… and nieceCIMG0008, Aimee,  all share in the delicious cranberry birthday cake.  It’s a family thing.   May you have yours!

Halloween Preview

October 29, 2009

CIMG3419This group of  villains, ghosts and goblins from the Emory Heart Wise Risk Reduction Program are ramping up for Halloween.


Bailey "The Joker" Pendergrast

Nurse Bailey “The Joker” Pendergrast is their leader.


A Halloween past

Bailey’s dressed the role of “The Joker” in Halloweens past at Emory.


Lunie "The Zebra Woman" Banks

Lunie Banks is the self-dubbed “Zebra Woman”.    For the right price, a publisher might  persuade Lunie to create a new action hero.CIMG3422

On Halloween night, these ghosts and goblins could be trick or treating in your neighborhood.

Wigs and skirts

October 28, 2009


This man is all dressed up for the one-mile ”
skirt run.P1090838

He and others donned wigs and skirts to participate in the YWCA of North Georgia’s fun event.  It’s to raise money to support victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.  The YWCA operates the only domestic violence shelter in Cobb county.



A group of “crazies”

October 27, 2009


Front: (An invisible Kathy) Chris-Linda-Ron Back: Curt-Bo-Roger

This Georgia Runner  point-chasing group of “crazies” is among fewer than a dozen people who ran 10 or 11 races this  past weekend.  They earn points for how they finish in their age group.  There’s no money to be earned.  They spend hundreds…some thousands… of dollars of their own money for entry fees, travel and lodging.  Ask them why they do it and you’ll many different answers.  Some will say for their health,  others for a sense of accomplishment, and because  “we’re crazy.”

She did it..She flat did it!!!

October 26, 2009

Anne Patrick

Anne Patrick

Anne Patrick is exhilarting in the euphoria of finishing the Marine Corp Marathon in our nation’s capitol.  The 73-year-old Smyrna, Georgia resident had her doubts about completing the 26.2 mile course in the posted cutoff time of 7 hours.  Anne blew that hoped for time out of the water.  The clock ticked 6 hours and 36 minutes when she sprinted the final few yards.  A goodly number of the 30-thousand plus marathoners were still behind her.   She did the tortuous distance to honor her older brother Alton, an Iwo Jima vet from world war II…and to raise money for her favorite charity, the “Wonderful Days” day care center at her church.

Anne traveled to Washington with neighbor Louise Young and Louise’s daughter, Theresa Johnson…. and Anne’s nephew, Al Cadenhead Jr.    All 4 finished.  The temperature ranged from 50 to 63 degrees with mostlty overcast skies.   Aside from crossing the finish line near the Iwo Jima monument and getting her medal, Anne says the highlight of her run came just before the 26-mile mark.    A young Marine sprinted out of the crowd lining the course.   She says he shouted, “you are my idol.”

That Marine chose a good one.   Anne says when she called her brother, Alton in Calhoun, Georgia.. to tell him she had finished.  He became emotional realizing his baby sister had done it to honor him.   Anne also will be collecting about 25-hundred dollars in pledges for “Wonderful Days”.

Anne tells me the “Marine Corp”  will  be her last marathon.   But I suggest you never believe what a marathoner says about running 26.2 miles again  until at least 3 days after that runner finishes the last one.  But in the meantime, what a wonderful feeling…what a wonderful day for “Wonderful Days”…..a zippity doo dah kind of day!

St. Anne is running a marathon

October 25, 2009

73-year-old Anne Patrick protests my calling her St. Anne.  My saying she’s a saint doesn’t mean she’s perfect, but her balance sheet is heavily positive.    The former teacher now makes drapes for a living.   Running is probably her favorite avocation.   Saturday night, the Smyrna, Georgia resident is going to bed near our nation’s capitol.   Sunday morning, Anne will get up early for the Marine Corp Marathon.   She’s running-walking the 26.2 mile distance to honor her brother, a Marine Veteran of World War II…and to accept pledges for her favorite charity, the “Wonderful Days” day care center at her church.

Anne has done other marathons, but she’s been particularly apprehensive about this because her longest training run this time has been only about 17 miles.  She knows she’s going to need Divine support.   She solicits prayers for strength to finish.   The marathon begins at 8 a.m. Sunday.  It ends at Arlington National.    The 73-year-old is believing she can get to the finish by 3 p.m.    Let’s believe with her.

The final talk..the last lecture

October 24, 2009

I learned this week about a friend that doctors say has a short while to live.    He has cancer of the esophagus.  Until about two months ago, this 54-year-old vital, active, seemingly healthy dentist had no idea that this deadly cancer was lurking in his system.  My friend’s circumstances remind me of what happened to Dr. Randy Pausch.    Before Dr. Pausch’s death, the Carngie Mellon professor gained fame with a talk that became known as “The Last Lecture.”    It was based on a hypothetical that became reality:  “….what wisdom would you impart to the world if you knew it was your last chance…”

Dr. Pausch’s wisdom began, “….we cannot change the cards we are dealt..just how we play them…”    Before dying from pancreatic cancer,   Dr. Pausch played his cards to their limits.  So is my friend playing his.    My friend is a profile in courage as he puts things in order for his family, his employees, and his patients.  It’s no surprise.  It’s who he is.  His final talk and the wisdom he’s imparting are in his actions.

Scott McClellan Shines

October 23, 2009

Scott McClellan (circa 1975)
Scott McClellan (circa 1975)

This is a series of pics showing my son, Scott,  in a race when he was very young. (1st pic) We see him at the start…(2nd pic) about to break the tape first.. (3rd pic) and showing off his trophy.      Earlier, when Scott substituted for me on my blog,  he asked, “where is my celebrity blog?”    This is it son.    Those halcyon days of your youth always will live in my memories.

Thanks, Son!
A salute to all parents who have proud memories…and  to those of you who are now living the times you’ll always hold dear.

The last letter from James Earl Ray

October 22, 2009

James Earl Ray signs his letters RAY
James Earl Ray signs his letters RAY

I wrote earlier that James Earl Ray and I corresponded after my visit with him in the Brushy Mountain State Prison in Tennessee.  This is the last of those letters from Ray.  Notice that he signed his letters with his last name, “Ray”.    Perhaps a holdover from the days he served in the army during World War II. The use of last names is common in the military.

I had been pressing the convicted assassin of Dr. King for leads which might prove his innocence.  In this letter, Ray wrote, “…I don’t believe there is much anyone can do now in the area of leads….”   At the age of 70, Ray died in prison in 1998 from causes related to kidney disease.
I’ve often thought of the irony of the infamous Ray having the same first and middle names as the famous President Carter.