A new place to sleep

During my time in the military and my career as a reporter. I’ve learned to grab naps where ever you are..when ever you can.   When I had a chance for a  full-night’s sleep, it was usually in a traditional bed.  For the past few nights, I’ve been sleeping thru the night…CIMG3771sitting up.      Grabbing a few minutes nap is one thing.  However this is a new experience forced by my recovery from rotator-cuff surgery  I’m heading for bed..uh chair.  Goodnight!


2 Responses to “A new place to sleep”

  1. Jerry McClellan Says:

    You look all comfy and nicely tucked in . . . yet, I know this has been a painful one. Soon, you’ll be through it and up and running again– you are one tough brother!
    Just know there are many of us praying for you for a quick recovery.

  2. bailey Says:

    You just don’t look right to me sitting down!I bet your toes were wiggling under those covers.Remember-here sits the bones of dear old Don,take it easy ’til the pain is gone!

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