Jimmie Sue Finger Gambrel

Jimmie Sue Finger Gambrel (Dept. Corrections photo)

This is the now almost 60-year-old Jimmie Sue Finger Gambrel.    In 1989, A Cobb county judge sentenced the beautician to life in prison.  The prosecution convinced a jury that the then 39-year-old conspired with her teenage lover to kill her husband.   The headline story inspired a TV movie. Stay The Night.   It aired on ABC 3 years after Jimmie Sue went to prison.  At the time, the authorities would not allow me to interview her in prison,  but the convicted murderess did talk to me via phone.   The Corrections Department photographer shot the pictures you’re about to see.    THE STATE DEPARTMENT OF PARDONS AND PAROLES HAS SEVERAL TIMES REJECTED JIMMIE SUE’S APPLICATION FOR PAROLE.     BUT ONLY 7 YEARS AFTER HER LOVER, MICHAEL CARL KETTMANN WAS CONVICTED, HE WAS A FREE MAN..IN GREAT PART, PROBABLY BECAUSE OF HIS TESTIMONY AGAINST JIMMIE SUE.


17 Responses to “Jimmie Sue Finger Gambrel”

  1. VW Says:

    Jimmie Sue is full of it. Michael was a sweet, gullible kid. He was a friend of mine in high school and told me, just shortly before the murder, what she was telling him about her husband. All manner of tales about how he was molesting her daughter and threatening to kill her ( Jimmie Sue). However immoral their relationship may have been, Michael thought he loved her and he bought it hook, line and sinker. It was tearing him apart. No doubt he thought he was being her “savior” – and he refused to testify against her, no matter what it cost him, as long as she kept telling him how much she loved him and wanted to marry him. He finally saw the light when he heard she had married someone else!

  2. unbunny( Shana) Says:

    I was in prison with Jimmie for a year. She was real nice to me and helped me to survive my year in prison. I will never forget her friendship.God will forgive her trespasses and maybe, we should too.

  3. LINDA WEST Says:

    I very much appreciate Don keeping interested people, like me, up to date. I saw the movie then bought the movie and all the time i’ve wondered what happened to the people involved.My hero is Blanche…she tricked Jimmiysue into a partial confession without which the boy would still be in prison and Jimmysue would be free to do whatever she wanted without even a backward glance at the hell she had brought about it must have been so hard for Blanche to befriend Jimmysue but it worked..she should work for the police as a detective maybe. Thanks for the good work Don..by the way..what happened to the rest of Blanche’s family..the 2 daughters and the husband? What did the son do after prison? I hope he sees what his lovergirl looks like now!

  4. follower Says:

    Jimmie Sue died Sept 2, 2011 in prison.

  5. Prayer Warior Says:

    It is hard to know how I feel just finding out Jimmie Sue passed away. There certainly was a lot of heartache that came from the killing of Mr. Finger. I know that their children has suffered the loss of their father, the young man who was involved with Jimmie Sue suffered, his life forever being changed, all the family of those involved suffered and now at only 61 yrs. of age Jimmie Sue is gone. I just don’t know what good came from any of this. I pray God will give all who have endured pain, heartache and loss a peace that only He is able to give.


    To those of you that feel the need to pass judgment……..the only person that knows the whole truth is GOD!! I will say this – the movie is NOT 100% facts & I know this because I am a family member. Not going to say which family but the fact is……..NO ONE should judge anyone because you will never know the entire truth unless you were there that day!

  7. Stephanie martin Says:

    The God I serve is a loving, kind, giving, and forgiving God. He who is without sin cast te first stone. I was a friend to Jimmie Sue and I know she turned her life over to God. I saw the changes in her firsthand, so Jimmie Sue rest in peace, and may God bless your family, I know how much those children and grandchildren meant to you. If you are a person who is still trying to place blame, start by looking in the mirror. We often want to find fault with others because we dont want to look at ourselves.

  8. Donna Says:

    I watched the movie…that was not the Jimmie Sue I knew, not even close….so many details wrong….she was a friend of mine when we were young, a true friend when I needed one….I am angered that she died in prison, for so many reasons…Jimmie Sue….I will always remember the young girl we called “Twiggy” waiting on the corner to go to work, going to your apt. for lunch & pinching our pennies together, sitting out on the fire escape over looking the city at night….shopping at the 5 & dime….RIP Jimmie, I will never forget you.

  9. Michael Says:

    I met her in prison 20 years ago on a law school field trip. What a butch!

  10. Nikita Gray Says:
      People are so quick to judge. I was incarcerated with Jimmy Sue for years. I had the opportunity of getting to know her. Like every one, she had her flaws. To Jimmy Sue’s family, I’m sorry for your loss. Just know that God doesn’t make mistakes and God knows what’s best for us all. Jimmy Sue, R.I.P. Your battle with this old world is over you have but one true judge. That judge is God.
  11. Judi Says:

    Blanche died of Lung Cancer. She told me that the movie was about 99% true. I beleive Blanche. Michael is married and has a child

  12. Nikki Elliott Says:

    I am sorry to see all that happened to Jimmie Sue, Blanche, Michael, Mr. Finger, and all. I watched the movie about five times and it was very real and sad to see. So hard to understand how people can think the way they do.

  13. GLORIA Says:

    I too watched the movie and always wondered about Blanche, her family and especially Michael. Now the book is closed, Michael is out of prison Blanche has died and the (B)who concocted the whole murder plot is dead too. Karma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Toni Parks Says:

    Wow, some of you people were very ignorant to the facts. It didn’t matter who knew who or what happened. It was about truth and deception. I also knew the whole Kettman family and Blanche was a very truthful person. Never in my lifetime have I ever known her to lie about anything. R.I.P. Blanche and god bless your family.

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