Lateral Collateral Ligament

The human body is such a marvelous creation.    I’ve always been in awe of how our systems function.   Things do go wrong.  I don’t pretend to understand why.     I’m equally amazed at how so many things go right for so long.    God has given me a long and mostly healthy life.   I had a friend named Randy who, like me, tried to live a life that would increase its length and quality.  I recall that Randy told me that he didn’t accept the theory that reaching the age of 70 is a reason to run slower than he did at 60. Ironically, a few weeks later, he died in a  boating-swimming accident.  Unlike Randy who went all at once, my body seems to be wearing out one part at a  time. Just my recent surgeries include widenining my C-4 and C-5 discs and repair of my right rotator cuff.  Now comes the inflammation of my lateral collateral ligament near the knee of my left leg.  I’m wearing a knee brace.  I’m grateful to be able to limp around.   Dr. Dan Batchelor says I shouldn’t run for 2 weeks and makes other recommendations that are no fun.     God has used  Dr.Dan to take care of many of my injuries in the past. So what to do?   What to do?  Two weeks…14 days away from running…away from those endorphins..   maybe ,maybe not?


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