He killed his parents and sister

Police in Cobb county, Georgia charged Andrew DeYoung with the 1993 murder of his parents and sister.  It was 2 years before he would go to trial.Here is a current picture of DeYoung from the Georgia Department of Corrections website.

Death Row Inmate Andrew Grant DeYoung

The website says DeYoung still is on death row at Jackson, Georgia, 15 years after a jury sentenced him to die.


54 Responses to “He killed his parents and sister”

  1. live apt fire Says:

    Hey Don – I’m enjoying the historical video. Yeah, I said historical. I know, it seems like only yesterday to you and me. But it is historical.

    Allow me to make a suggestion: Upload this stuff to Youtube instead of WordPress. I don’t know if it’s just my computer (I’m using Firefox and Mac OS 10), but the aspect ratio is all screwed up when I watch your video on the blog. You may not have that problem if you upload video to youtube, then embed it into your blog. Youtube video is very easy to embed, as you probably know.

    When I’m searching for video, I typically go straight to Youtube, then conduct the search on Youtube’s site. I’m guessing a lot of other folks do that. By uploading it to Youtube, your video would be available to a wider audience and easier to find when searched. Plus, you can start your own Youtube channel, and folks can subscribe to it.

    Just a suggestion. Keep up the good work.

    • Don McClellan Says:

      Thanks Doug! I’d welcome a conversation with you when you have time. You can e-mail me at Donmccl258@cs.com
      I appreciate all the help I can get in the wonders of cyberspace!

  2. Austin McNeal Says:

    I’m glad he’s on death row. My mom dated him, and she was on the list before she met my dad.

  3. TURNBULL Says:

    Andrew DeYoung went to Lassiter High School and never spoke to anyone. A friend and I named him Bull from the tv show Night Court. I also remember some friends and I were fishing at North Landing Pond. Andrew and some of his black dressed moronic friends showed up. They forced a fight between my brother and one of our friends,Tie Steel. I guess Andrew thought it would be funny but look at him now. Who’s laughing last? Good luck in ‘HELL’

  4. Jennifer Says:

    He got the name bull from the people he worked with at Burger King. Andy was a nice, polite, and quiet kid. He was having trouble with his parents….nothing that was unusual for a teenager and his parents. His parents were nice people and very supportive of Andy. But they had beliefs that Andy did not want to take up…..in the mix, Andy took up with this guy that worked at BK with us…..his name was JoJo….he gave him all this literature and stuff to listen to….he talked to him all the time….Andy changed after he met JoJo…..that is the Andy you remember (in all Black) David was an idiot……he was married and unhappy……older than Andy..who was a messed up and confused kid…..I am sorry for him, and his parents and sister…they did not deserve what happened.

    • Rex Says:

      my very first job was at McDonalds and JoJo worked there. He had a black “demon car” and me & a buddy went riding around with JoJo once……over 100 mph on sandy plains road, then JoJo turns off the headlights……laughing madly….all this in a car that had NO backseats…..we were just holding on for dear life with no seat or of course seat belt and Black Sabbath pounding on the stereo……never got into that car again!

    • Ryan Says:


      • Jade Says:

        He was given the name Bull at several places, including BK..YA MORON. Almost anyone who saw him immediately said he looked like Bull.

    • weazel Says:

      i remember jojo. i us to hang out with him and he was into some really dark stuff. the type of stuff that will make the hair on ur body stand up

  5. Walker Says:

    I remember the DeYoung Family. I lived in the same neighborhood. I never spoke to Andy. He was a senior while I was a freshman. I did meet and become friendly with Sara when she was a freshman. I am not a supporter of the death penalty, but I certainly will not cry when he is dead.

  6. Buck Says:

    His attorneys are back in court over the lethal injection issue. Let the punishement fit the crime. Drano or battery acid would be appropiate in his case. I am pissed off he is wasting our oxygen. How dare he breathe the air I breathe !

  7. shaggy Says:

    I don’t care what “influenced” him. This creep should have been dead 10+ years ago.

  8. Bekah Says:

    I think he should spend the rest of his life in solitary confinement. Personally I disagree with ther death penalty, which is why he should have to live with what he did in solitary or a mental institution. Anyone who could even conceive of the idea of taking the life of another person is sick. Purely sick.

  9. Neighbor Says:

    I was the DeYoung’s neighbor when ALL this happened, I was in the 7th grade. My parents still live next door to the house. Whenever I go visit them I think about everything that went down that early morning the family was murdered. My sister and I played with Andy’s murdered sister, Sara, all the time and went to the neighborhood pool with her and the family. They were a very close and loving family, very religious. Andy was the misfit and the odd one of the family. He was always nice to me and he even went to the pool with us a lot. I am shocked the convicted killer still is on death row. I agree he should have been executed A LONG time ago. Looks like July 20th is his BIG day though. Anyone who plans out a whole map on killing their family and even made a pipe bomb to blow up the house afterwards doesn’t deserve to live. I really wish I knew where Andy’s brother, Nathan, is and how he’s doing.

  10. MIke Says:

    Did the DeYoungs live in North Landing? I lived in the area and remember the incident and I thought it occurred there.

  11. Sasquatch Says:

    I went to LHS (Lassiter High in Cobb county, Georgia). When I was a freshman my dad went to a parent/teacher confrence and Andy ran into him (by mistake). Then Andy made some impropper comments to my dad. It is not a shock that this skinhead/KKK member chopped up his family. I hope he repented and became saved or he will burn forever in less than two weeks.

    • Jade Says:

      Went to school with him, same class year, and he trained me at my first job at BK. He was always unsually quiet and odd, but he was friendly to me and seemed to really like working at BK a lot. I actually can’t say what happened ever surprised me. His whole dismeanor was always a bit creepy, at least in my opinion. His little brother I remember from Spanish class was very shy, but he did not have the creepy factor at all like his brother. Just a normal, shy kid.

  12. Larke Says:

    Yes, the DeYoungs did live in North Landing. My family lived there as well. I remember the day all of this happened. Seems almost like yesterday. I’m happy to know his time has finally come. He was a sick man and had a list of people he wanted to kill including a few people I know that also lived in the neighborhood. I don’t know where Nathan is but i sure hope he finds justice in all of this.

  13. Anti-death penalty Says:

    Well he’s set to die July 20th!!

  14. Keith Says:

    I knew them at a private school, his younger brother was cool and used to come over to our house, but Andy Deyoung was just a strange dude, he ate a live cockroach once for a dollar, weird

  15. Tim Says:


    Everything you could want to know about this case.

    • drdave Says:

      This reads just like the Amityville case in the 70’s, except they were shot instead of stabbed.

  16. JAN KEPPLER Says:


    • Just my two cents. Says:

      I don’t think anyone will stand up for a person that killed their OWN mother. How sick is that that? I don’t care how crazy or weird you are, your mother still loves you. and you KILL her with your hands.
      Side note>>>>Troy will get his too, i’m sure.

  17. John Says:

    Andrew Deyoung was a coward with no people skills just a moron trying to get fast cash even if it was taking out his own family-can we say low life without a heart but today the killer will roast in hell next to Ted Bundy!!

  18. Tracy Says:

    While I can see a point in someone having to live in prison for the rest of their life with the memory of their crime, we have to foot the bill for that. And it’s around $180,000 per year per prisoner. In cases of murder, I think we should do something else with that money.

    • merridith mcarthur Says:

      I really don’t think that in God’s eyes, a human life has a $ amount. Likewise research shows that it costs more to execute him than to keep him in prison. The bottom line is we are all created in Gods own likeness and image, including Andrew. Clearly at the time he commited this crime he was living in darkness and had to be very sick and possessed to do such an evil wicked thing. However I believe everything that the gospel teaches us and everything the living word of God teaches us about mercy, repentance and forgiveness. I also believe everyone, even someone who committed such an evil deed as Andrew, will have a chance to repent up to his last breathe. Whether he does or not, we will not know, only God knows what is truly in ones heart. I’m sure that at the time he had to be possessed by evil to the point of killing, there was a battle for his soul (or why would the devil work so hard to get him), and I don’t think God ever just decides to give up on any of us. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m misunderstanding what Jesus has taught us. There is still a battle for Andrew’s soul. I’m sure it causes God just as much pain to see Andrew murdered tonight (rather than living in prison for the rest of his life where he can hurt no one anymore, to spend time thinking about his crimes and sins, and hopfully repents) as the pain it caused God as he watched Andrew kill his family that night. I pray for his family, Sarah and his parents, I pray for his surviving brother, I pray for those who will put him to death this night and I pray for Andrew. I pray for the respect of ALL human life, from the moment they are conceived and formed in their mothers womb, until their natrual death. What he did was so evil and justice should be done, but I don’t believe breaking the commandments and commiting murder is justice.

      • a concerned soul Says:

        I have spent the last 45 minutes praying for Andrew’s soul — rosaries and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

        I have been beseeching God to grant him repentance in his final moments. God can do ALL THINGS and grant him mercy if he is sorry. PLEASE PRAY that Andrew repent! Jesus died for his soul, too. He is obviously a very sick man. Jesus, convert Andrew, and save his eternal soul. Amen.

      • mlc2005 Says:

        to Merridith Mcarthur: I had to respond to your very passionate post re: religion and the death penalty. It’s obvious you are a very religious person, but you have to remember that not everyone is, and our laws and policies cannot be determined based on what the Bible says. For example, this whole concept of “a battle for Andrew’s soul” between god and the devil sounds slightly insane to me.

        Certain people have diagnosed personality disorders, such as sociopathy and psychopathy, and are able to act cruelly and selfishly without remorse. I think labeling DeYoung a sociopath (as psychologists have) is a bit more logical than saying the “devil” has his soul.

        I also, personally, wish that such strongly religious people would take a step back and ask themselves why their “god” would allow this tragedy to happen in the first place. Apparently the DeYoungs were very religious people, and I’m sure they prayed for Andrew to stop the attack.

        For me, the bottom line this: If a person does something so horrible, and they are sentenced to death by a jury of their peers, they need to be executed. It is not a murder, despite what you wrote, to carry out an execution. Finally, some argue for life w/out parole: BUT, that assumes that the person has a conscience and would be feeling remorse and regret for the rest of his life. Most of the time, if someone is capable of doing something so horrible as to land them on death row, they aren’t going to suddenly start having feelings of guilt while in jail.

      • deadelvis Says:

        In Prison he was involved in a bomb making explosion for an escape plan that killed 2 other inmates. You see,he can still hurt people in prison. If God can do everything, He could have stopped the execution. He did not so why should we question God. Go team God… the POS is dead!

    • Mike Says:

      Isn’t it just lovely to witness intellectually constipated bible thumpers pray for a white supremacist who murdered his family to say some magic incantations to some invisible sky wizard

      ….so a murdering bigot can spend eternity in heaven tormenting his murder victims and the all victims of his bigotry he could bump into….for all eternity!

  19. TodayIsHisDay Says:

    My brother just got out of prison in Jackson where death row is housed… he was a “short timer” so they allowed him to have a job on death row for the time he was there. He was there to basically give food trays, mail and other stuff to the DR inmates. He told me that he saw DeYoung several times and immediately recognized him when I showed him his prison picture online. He’s not in the normal “general population” on death row… they keep him in an isolated cell. My brother said that normally if they are in “general population” they are still on 23 hour lockdown but would get an hour a day out of their cell with maybe 3 or 4 other DR inmates at a time…. not the case for DeYoung. He has to recreate by himself and wasn’t allowed any interaction with the other inmates. I think most of this was due to the escape attempt he tried with two (Nance and Franks) other inmates back in 2005. There are apparently 3 of these isolation cells on each of the four death row blocks (G1 through G4). He said that Andy is a very big guy and had satanic stuff and symbols written all over the walls in his cell. He said he also had some sort of red sheet or shirt covering the light in his cell to give the area a sort of red tint… pretty creepy. My brother said of all of the interactions he had with him, he never once said one word. My brother said he was one of the strangest dudes there among a few others he told me about. I dont think the guy has changed at all or feels a bit of remorse over what he did based on the stories I heard from my brother… today is his big day.

  20. Catherine Says:

    Actually, life in prison cost the state much less than execution due to the appeals process.

  21. Diane Says:

    What a sad sick story, nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors.

  22. flowerlady Says:

    It is such a tragedy. I remember all of the De Young family members. I, too, wonder where Nathan is and how he has coped. Prayers go out for him. Dear Sara, so young.. The parents had deep faith and practiced their beliefs. They loved all their children, including Andrew., who sent them into eternity. They believed in eternal life and although they were robbed of their lives here, they were not robbed of their eternal lives and destinations.. In these last minutes before his execution for those murders words can’t express the sorrow. May God have mercy on his soul. Society can not.

  23. Linda Says:

    I know a member of Andrew’s extended family and she is one of the most loving, Christian people that I know. For her sake, I have been praying for Andrew, that his soul might be saved by God. I do not believe in the death penalty because I don’t believe that one human being has the right to kill another human being no matter the circumstances. I believe that Andrew should stay right where he is for the rest of his life and be made to face his crime. Maybe this would give God a chance to change him and repent for his sins in His own time. Whatever the outcome, I pray for the entire family and for Andrew’s brother, so that he can have some peace in his life. Only God can save Andrew’s soul now.

  24. a real christian Says:

    I knew Andy well…and he said he had been mistreated by family and friends…it really isn’t fair to hold him responsible for his actions! This sort of thing could happen to any mixed up kid! Come on people…reach down deep…forgive and forget…

    • Gina Says:

      mistreated by family and friends? lol… who hasn’t at times? Doesnt mean we kill our family. Get real.

  25. A Realist Says:

    Isn’t fair to hold a guy with a brilliant level IQ and straight A’s responsible for his action because he was “mistreated”? They guy painted the walls with their blood. Give me a break.

  26. Megan Says:

    Andy Deyoung is the creepiest person i’ve even encountered in my life. Even in years prior to the murders you could tell he was evil and crazy, I got goose bumps everytime he was around. If praying for his soul makes you sleep better at night then go right ahead. I was a neighbor and remember being 13 years old and too traumatized to sleep after the murders. I knew his sister well. I’ll agree with “a real Christian”, there was something off about the family. However, i’ve known a lot of people in my life with bad childhoods and they didn’t use it as an excuse to viciously murder their parents and helpless teenage sister.

  27. SS Says:

    I grew up in North landing on the Corner of the street Andrew lived on. He was in middle school while I was in High School. I heard about this murder years later and all the news has revitalized my belief that he grew up as a wierdo and outcast. I blame it on the parents. I remember them being sorta wierd. I think they pounded jesus into this family and taught him zero social skills. I feel sorry for the family and I hope this guy dies tonight. But, if you grow up a wierdo you become an outcast. then you become a loser in High School and are made fun of a probably beat up. parents need to know when their kids are losers and realize that if they do not change they will eventually blow up.

    • Jade Says:

      He was never beat up in high school for sure. He was mucht too big, so as creepy as he was, people mostly left him alone–except for his few friends who seemed as odd as him. Mostly he would keep to himself and he was nice when talked to, but that strange vibe was always there.

      I don’t blame the parents one bit. He was a grown man when this happened. He obviously knew right from wrong like the back of his hand. He knew what he was doing was completely illegal and immoral, yet he did it anyway. He had no one to blame but himself.

  28. Ned Puddleman Says:

    As of 8:04PM 7/21/2011 Andrew Grant DeYoung is no longer alive on this earth. The world is a better place without him.

  29. John Sutton Says:

    I really don’t understand why people feel one should forgive something as vile as murder. You need to understand the mind of a sociopath. They have no conscience. They are essentially sub-human.

    Andrew DeYoung deserves no pity. There is no fairy in the sky that needs to be prayed to. There is no demon underground waiting for evildoers. Therefore, we need to punish deviants ourselves and rid our earth of this scum.

    • Just my opinion Says:

      Wow!!! You really dont believe in a higher power than ourselves? The devil loves non-believers. It makes his job of stealing souls so much easier. However, i must say i think the punishment should fit the crime. If you’re 100% guilty, you deserve a death befitting the crime: AN EYE FOR AN EYE! Then God can punish him or forgive him!

  30. ryan Says:

    Yep, Bull was a weird dude. I remember in high school when he punched his fist through the wired glass window of a door in the cafeteria at lunchtime. He just stood there with a pissed off look, staring at his bloody fist. I think I remember him being a fairly nice, quiet guy early on, but then he put on the army boots and turned to the dark side.

  31. Cassie Says:

    He was unrepentant until the end. Even the Bible and God allow for the death penalty. God has given government the authority to determine when capital punishment is due (Genesis 9:6; Romans 13:1-7). It is unbiblical to claim that God opposes the death penalty in all instances. Christians should never rejoice when the death penalty is employed, but at the same time, Christians should not fight against the government’s right to execute the perpetrators of the most evil of crimes.

    The Bible also calls for us to make “the righteous judgement” – so all of you out there saying the death penalty is wrong and he is one of God’s children who deserves forgiveness, go back and read the Bible again. http://www.gotquestions.org/do-not-judge.html

    God’s love and forgiveness are for those who accept His Son and repent of their sins. We are told that those who will not hear the Word are to be “shaken off as dust from our feet”.

    Luke.9:5 And whosoever will not receive you, when ye go out of that city, shake off the very dust from your feet for a testimony against them.

    He rejected God and Christ. While this grieves the Lord, Andrew made his choice and now has died with the consequences.

  32. Barbara Says:

    Thinking of Nathan today. I hope you are ok. So sorry about the loss of your family. As a person with a family filled with tragedy, I know you will never be the same, but I have been able to find peace, and hope you have also.

  33. Crowe Says:

    I went to a private school with Andy and his family when he was in elementary. He never really talked to anyone except one person. Also he never participated in anything. He stood out so much to me that I remebered him when I heard the news that he was going to die. I feel so sorry for Nathan and hope he has found peace.

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