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A hat from St. Simons

April 29, 2010

My wife and I found this hat in a shop at St. Simons.   It reminded me of the chapeaus my father wore throughout the 1940s and 50s.    My father donned straw hats in the Spring and Summer…felt hats for the rest of the year.   He wiped the straws with a wet cloth.    The felts went to the cleaners for blocking.     The prices of the best dress hats were from five to seven dollars and fifty cents.   The straws could be had for one to two dollars….quite a sum of money when my father was making no more than 75-dollars a week.   My stylish straw from St. Simons was only 16-dollars.  I’m grateful that my pay has increased much more than the price of hats.


Aubrey Morris complete interview

April 29, 2010

Here is the interview with Aubrey from April 2006.   It runs almost 8 minutes.    Aubrey begins with an observation aimed at me.I told Aubrey that when my time comes, I’d be proud to have my survivors imitate his epitaph because I too love people!

Aubrey Morris’ epitaph

April 28, 2010

4 years ago, the late Aubrey Morris was one of several WSB veterans I interviewed during a gathering of WSB and other Cox corporate alumni.  I asked Aubrey to compose his own epitaph.   Here’s what he said.This was part of a much longer interview with Aubrey.  I’ll post the entire session next time.

Puppies, a boy and an egret

April 27, 2010

This is Trey Bullard sharing a wagon with the two newest members of his family, Ginger and Rutledge.   They were heading toward the beach at St. Simons as we were leaving.   It’s even money that the puppies haven’t decided whether they’re people or Trey believes he’s a canine.

Sonja and Timmy Bullard with their 3 children and 2 canines are from Nahunta, Georgia in Blakely county.  It’s not all that far from St. Simons so they’re able to make frequent trips to the beach.   Sea gulls are the most common bird at St. Simons, but you see

an occasional egret.   They sometimes look like they’re walking on water.   But my wife (knower of all things) assures me it’s an illusion created by their long legs touching bottom.  We’ve returned to the Atlanta area now richer for the beach experience but happy to be home.

A beach wedding

April 25, 2010

Erica McKnight and Barry Stubbs posing for pictures after saying their vows on the beach at St. Simons.  The 73 degree temperature was ideal for this memorable moment in their lives.  There was a slight sprinkle that had sun worshipers scrambling from the beach.   They might have wished they’d stayed because the drizzle soon stopped.   Another Atlanta television veteran, Denny Moore, was a member of the wedding party.   Denny introduced me to the groom.Barry’s father, Daniel  Stubbs, performed the ceremony.   He’s a minister from Griffin, Georgia.  I love it when people depart from the traditional chapel or church wedding.. but there are others who believe that sticking to tradition is the way to go.   To each his own.. or her own.

Tallulah and Bentley

April 24, 2010

This is Tommy and Cindy Furlow from Gainesville, Georgia.  They’re visiting St. Simons with their two canine friends.  Bentley is the Golden Retriever.  Tallulah is the black one, a mixed breed.  Other Tallulahs I’ve known are Tallulah Falls in north Georgia…and Tallulah Bankhead of Hollywood fame from the1940s.  Both Tallulah and Bentley love to chase balls.  Tallulah has fast closing speed.   Watch this as they both return with balls they’ve retrieved.I’ve reported on dog frisbee competition, but am not aware of ball retrieval contests.  If there are any,   based on speed, Tallulah would no doubt be a winner.

Waves NOT

April 24, 2010

This is about as big as the waves get on St. Simons island.   My son, Scott, was hoping for bigger waves when this weekend, he comes to join us.    Scott spent several years in Hawaii where riding the waves is a way of life.  In addition to riding the waves for fun, Scott was out there with a camera.  Many tourists bought the pictures showing them in action.   Contrast Waikiki with this.Shucks…Scott called me to say he’s not coming.  He told me there were 3 things that influenced his decision:  the prediction of thunderstorms Sunday…no waves to ride…and leaving his cat, Olivia, home alone for 3 days.    My wife, Gisela, and I are disappointed, but perhaps we’ll be together at another beach with  big waves, sunny weather..and someone at home to care for Olivia.

A medieval city

April 22, 2010

With the help of his father, Jeff,  Joshua Janicki is buiding a medieval city in the sands of St. Simons beach.  The Janickis are from near Buffalo, New York.  The medieval city is a two-day project.   Surprisingly, it survived the overnight tides. 

The sand city is very detailed, perhaps suggesting there’s an architect involved.   Joshua’s father’s answer, “I wish.”   I’m using one of those cameras without a viewfinder so in the bright sun, your framing can be bad.  Witness this interview with Joshua.                                                                              After two days decorating the St. Simons beach, the medieval sand city now is gone with the tides.

A mystery boat

April 21, 2010

This boat overnight washed up on the Beach at St. Simons Island, on the Georgia coast.  While we waited for someone from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, I speculated on where it might have been.   Could it have been one of the lifeboats from the Titanic?   My “smarter than I am wife”, Gisela assures me it’s not likely since the Titanic sank near Greenland, about 25-hundred miles from St. Simons.  In my fictiional world, those ocean currents could have carried the rotted-out craft any distance.  Journalism offers a tongue-in-cheek aphorism:  “never let the facts get in the way of a good story.”  We are not bound by the facts at all in writing fiction…only that the story is believable…that it could be true.  While I’m working on a Titanic plot line, a deputy sheriff arrives.  He tells    me it’s very, very old, but not Titanic old.  The deputy believes it’s a fiber glass fishing boat.  Imagine the story you could tell of two men who went fishing and never came back.  I’ m working on it.

Found a wifi connection

April 20, 2010

This is my beautiful wife, Gisela, retreating from the chill of the wind.  The St. Simons beach was almost deserted when we arrived late Monday.  But what a difference 12 hours and the absence of the wind make.

It’s high noon with the air temperature in the mid 70s.   Without the wind, it’s bathing suit weather.   I bought Gisela a Sony bookreader.   This is her first time using it.  She tells me it’s easy to see the print even under the bright sun. 

Posting a little early today and ending  with the sight of seagulls and the sounds of the ocean.