A medieval city

With the help of his father, Jeff,  Joshua Janicki is buiding a medieval city in the sands of St. Simons beach.  The Janickis are from near Buffalo, New York.  The medieval city is a two-day project.   Surprisingly, it survived the overnight tides. 

The sand city is very detailed, perhaps suggesting there’s an architect involved.   Joshua’s father’s answer, “I wish.”   I’m using one of those cameras without a viewfinder so in the bright sun, your framing can be bad.  Witness this interview with Joshua.                                                                              After two days decorating the St. Simons beach, the medieval sand city now is gone with the tides.


3 Responses to “A medieval city”

  1. collectible fantasy swords Says:

    I love beaches. I love sandcastles. Thanks for sharing this medieval sand city.

  2. joshua janicki Says:

    hi this is joshua from your blog thank you for putting my sand castle on the internet

  3. Ellie Chilbert Says:

    Thanks for sharing!! This is great – looks like fun.

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