Waves NOT

This is about as big as the waves get on St. Simons island.   My son, Scott, was hoping for bigger waves when this weekend, he comes to join us.    Scott spent several years in Hawaii where riding the waves is a way of life.  In addition to riding the waves for fun, Scott was out there with a camera.  Many tourists bought the pictures showing them in action.   Contrast Waikiki with this.Shucks…Scott called me to say he’s not coming.  He told me there were 3 things that influenced his decision:  the prediction of thunderstorms Sunday…no waves to ride…and leaving his cat, Olivia, home alone for 3 days.    My wife, Gisela, and I are disappointed, but perhaps we’ll be together at another beach with  big waves, sunny weather..and someone at home to care for Olivia.


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