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At the beach

April 20, 2010

My wife , Gisela, and I are on the Georgia coast this week.  When we arrived at St. Simons late in the afternoon, we headed for a walk on the beach.  The thermometer read 74 degrees but the wind coming in from the ocean made it feel more like 54.  So we scrambled back to the warmth of our condo.  I haven’t checked out WI-FI availability, so I’m dictating this to my son Scott. 

Hello, this is Scott.   Once again I …C’mon, a man of his stature, intelligence and resourcefulness can’t find a WI-FI connection anywhere nearby…C’mon!   Truth is, he’s away with his loving wife in a secluded location at the beach; you do the math.  We’ll speak to you soon…Sorry, no pictures.


Memories are made of this

April 19, 2010

This group of former WSB-TV and Cox corporate people gather at the home of Jan and Ben Benfield to celebrate the life of the late Bill Powers.   Bill was chief engineer at channel 2 from 1972 thru 82.  The “engineer by education” later was national V.P.of sales for Sony.That’s Bill’s image on the TV screen.


His daughter-in-law, Susie..his widow, Adora..and his son, Bill were our honored guests.

The senior Powers was almost 80-years-old when he died last year from a sudden heart attack.  His son told us that this was the way his father always wanted to lingering for him.

Jan Benfield goes behind the camera to allow me to take her place for this final shot.  It was a good evening to remember our friend, Bill Powers, from whom we learned so much about living a kinder, gentler life.  Memories indeed are made of this!

Back on the road

April 18, 2010

The colorful T-shirt tells us we’re running the Corners to Crossing 5K in Norcross, Georgia.   Norcross is a suburb of Atlanta.  There’s also a 10K that starts at 8 a.m….a half hour after we 5Kers begin.  This may be one of the most rolling course I’ve ever run.   One of the uphills looked like it may be a 30 degree climb.                                             

This flag waving patriot was one of my favorite cheerleaders along the 3.1 mile course.   The money raised goes to the local YMCA  to “…build strong kids, strong famlies and strong communities.”

You have to be strong to push a jogging buggy up the many hills and hold on to keep it from getting away from you on the downhills.  I’ve always admired the parents who have the strength and determination to take their children along for the ride.

Along for the ride on the sidelines is this youngster with a father shoulder-high view as we runners come by her home.  Perhaps in a few years, she’ll be out on the street running-walking with us.

One last spectator has a doozy of a smile.  Check her out below.

By Sunday afternoon, you should be able to see a more complete photo show on this race.   On the right hand side of the blog, please click on Don McClellan’s photo shows.

Cardioversion NOT

April 17, 2010

I returned to a cubicle at Emory University Hospital.   Looking at the butterfly paintings on the ceiling while I await another cardio version procedure.   A cardioversion is designed to shock the heart back into rhythm.  It was only two weeks ago that I was here for a pacemaker regeneration.    I came back Thursday because tests showed my heart was out of rhythm.  My wife, Gisela, and I got up early for me to check in before 7 a.m.

Nurse Lynn Roland

Nurse Lynn Roland, a Cartersville resident, puts me at ease.   With the help of another nurse, she inserts my IV connection and takes my vitals.    Uh oh, the machines say I’m back in rhythm.  Tests only a few hours earlier showed that I was in atrial fibrilation. 

I’m glad not to be in a-fib, but a little frustrated that we made an unnecessary trip to the hospital.  My fear is that if my body can get back into rhythm on its own, it may just as quickly go out again.   To lessen the chance of that happening, Emory’s Chief Electro-Cardiologist Dr. Jonathan Langberg decided to adjust my new bi-ventricular pacemaker.

Manfacturer Rep Kathy Kohrmann made the adjustments.   I love seeing these people at Emory, but not this often.  On the other hand, thank God I’m able to walk in and walk out on my own.

Aubrey Morris and Bill Powers

April 16, 2010

This is a picture of me and WSB Radio legend Aubrey Morris as we prepared to interview then Presidential Candidate Robert Kennedy.    Aubrey was 88 when he died this week.  I hosted an interview program on WSB-Television in the late 60s.    We usually called on our radio brethern for a reporter to join us.   As Radio News Director, Aubrey came himself for this one.    I don’t remember that Kennedy revealed anything new but Aubrey gave no quarter with his questions.  An assassin’s bullet killed RFK a few weeks later.   Aubrey always was proud that this picture was a part of the book on WSB’s history…a book  titled “Welcome South Brother”. Here is Aubrey many years later as part of a WSB and Cox Corporate group that gets together once a year for friendship, food and fun.     Jan and Ben Benfield usually are our hosts at their home in East Cobb County.  Aubrey and I are sitting up front.  Behind Aubrey’s head…in the white shirt…is another we’ve lost.   Former WSB-TV Chief Engineer Bill Powers died in 2009.     As we get together this Sunday, I want to believe that both Bill and Aubrey will be looking down upon.

“Scarlett” and yoga

April 15, 2010

“Scarlett”, a.k.a. Nurse BaileyPendergrast, displaying her flexibility at an Emory fitness class.   Dressed in her Georgia Peach colors, “Scarlett’s” teaching yoga.   The Gone With The Wind character was part of International Day.


Others wore clothes celebrating the countries of their ancestors.   Areas represented include South America, China, Haiti, the ante-bellum Southern United States, and Ghana.  Not a kilt in the crowd.

Mac lookin’ good

April 14, 2010

Mac McClellan

You may remember Mac the cat.  Just recently, our eleven-year-old feline was wearing the “cone of shame” because of a nasty infection.  The vet prescribed some medicine which seemed to have little effect.  So a friend suggested we try a one-percent solution of hydrocortisone.

Now Mac is purring again…and without the “cone of shame”.    The obvious disclaimer:  I’m no vet, but the hydrocortisone’s anti-itch claims seemed to have worked.   What better evidence than looking at Mac’s formerly bloody backside.

Mac’s shiny black coat almost is back to the way it was before the infection.   Again the disclaimer:  I’m not saying the hydrocortisone  would work for your pet, but it has for ours.

Carston and Misty

April 13, 2010

Carston Nichols-grandson

This is 5-year-old Carston Nichols, a.k.a  our grandson.   My wife, Gisela, and I were there at his birth and saw him often when his parents and he lived in metro Atlanta.  But job opportunities took his parents and him to Albuquerque, New Mexico.  We’ve missed too many of Carston’s growing-up moments.

Misty McClellan

What we haven’t missed is all but about the first 2 weeks of Misty’s growth.   Our beautiful feline came home with us  from the Cobb Animal shelter about 9-years-ago.  She charmed us then.   She’s continued to charm us as our indoor companion.  A loss of an earlier pet to a car convinced us that Misty should stay out of the streets.

I’ve never seen her display a risorius muscle, but she can roar (quietly) and yawn silently.   Goodnight!

A race and celebration for Will

April 12, 2010

This was the start of The Cottage 5K Sunday in Athens.   The signs remind us of the late Will Chamberlin and

his wish for all of us as he would start more than one-hundred races each year throughout the state of Georgia.  Since the 57-year-old Race Director survived a stroke almost 3-months ago, his long-time companion, Carole Black, had been carrying the load in staging his races.

Michael Black

Sunday, Carole’s son, Michael,

stood where Will had stood so many times before.   Michael has learned well from his mother and Will.   He had plenty of volunteer help from Will and Carole’s friends.

Carole Black

Michael’s mother, Carole Black,

Daniel ChamberlinWill’s son Daniel and

George & Annette Chamberlin

Will’s parents, George and Annette Chamberlin, were among an overflow crowd at a memorial service for Will in downtown Athens.  It was at the First Presbyterian Church where Will for many years sang in the choir.  It was a wonderful time for remembering a man I’ll miss for the rest of my life. More later in a photo show.

Kate Brun remembers Will

April 11, 2010

Kate Brun

Kate Brun is among the many who have a chest full of memories of the late Will Chamberlin.  Kate and I were among those at a race Saturday in Marietta.  Kate is smiling now because of her memories of Will, but she was shedding tears when she first learned of his death.  The Kennesaw State University runner remembers her first 5K.   Will was the race director and cheered her on as she crossed the finish line in what she considered a rather pedestrian time.   Kate credits Will…as do so many others…with encouraging her in a sport that now has become such an important part of her life.Kate met her future husband, John Ovst, through running.  They are to be married May 8th at the Kennesaw Mountain running trail.