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Robert Rosser on TV

June 30, 2010

Doctors lengthened one of Robert Rosser’s legs by almost 4 inches.  Now he’s going to run his first Peachtree 10K road race.  His story appeared Tuesday  on channel 2, WSB-TV in Atlanta.   Below is  Rosser’s tale as it ran on TV.   THE NEW HEART GUY IS NO SLOUCH.  HE USED TO RUN SUB 16-MINUTE 5Ks!


Betty Lindberg on TV

June 29, 2010

You may recall my earlier posting about a fast woman at 85…almost 86.  Monday on channel 2 Action News (WSB-TV in Atlanta) Betty Lindberg was the first in our series of stories this week previewing the upcoming Peachtree Road Race 10K.   What follows is the story as it appeared on TV.  BETTY IS MY HERO TOO!

Self hypnosis

June 28, 2010

I began practicing self hypnosis more than 30 years ago.  It has served me well.   Self hypnosis for me began as a way to deal with extreme cold when running marathons.    It can be the same thing as bio-feedback.  When the temperatures were near zero, my hands would get numb and hurt.   Using self-hypnosis, I could direct blood from my torso to my hands.  Temporarily, it warms your hands, but don’t do it for more than a few minutes at a time, your torso should be the heart’s first priority.  As a reporter, I’ve had the chance to cover many fascinating subjects.  I’ve done stories on stage hypnotists, psychiatrists and dentists who use hypnosis in their practices, and self-taught people like myself.    There are many books.   There are many teachers.    If you investigate, use all precautions.   Self-hypnosis can be both beneficial and dangerous.

Who cares about soccer in the USA?

June 27, 2010

I remember when my son was growing up in the 70s and 80s.   He played the game and earned a partial scholarship to college.    We thought that we in the United States would soon embrace the game, but it’s never happened.   We seem to be stuck with the same degree of  attraction that existed 30 years ago.  There’s a soccer culture but it’s never captured the majority of folks in the USA the way other major sports have.  The USA’s performance in the World Cup may have been a chance to increase soccer’s attraction..  But the USA’s  loss to Ghana further fuels the argument that soccer will never be a major sport  in the United States even after another 30 or 40 years.  Would it make any difference if we called it  “football”?

Pack Rat addiction

June 26, 2010

You should see my computer room.  On second thought, you shouldn’t.  As I look around, I’m wondering why I keep stuff I rarely use…will not likely use ever again.  I think the unused things are like the little guy’s security blanket in the Peanuts comic strip.  These items that I’ve never thrown away are MY security blanket.   At least once a month, I vow to clean out and throw away stuff.    This usually turns into just moving it from one part of the room or one part of the house to another.     Friends regularly suggest I follow the 3 or 4 year rule.    If you haven’t used an item in 3 or 4 years, get rid of it.   “But what if I need it one day?” I whine.   The answer is go buy a new one.    The one you didn’t throw out will probably be out of date anyway.  Sensible advice, but pack rat addiction is a hard thing to shake.  I’m working on it.

She amazes me

June 25, 2010

Please meet the amazing Dr. Sandy Riggin.   She specializies  in child abuse counseling.   Her practice is in Oakwood, Georgia near Gainesville.   She already has lived beyond the time her doctors expected.    She has been diagnosed with mitochondrial disease….a disease that reduces the function of the body’s cells.  Despite her ever weakening condition, she runs on…. not slowly, but fast.   As recently as two weeks ago, the 46-year-old won the female masters division of a 10K with a time of 46 minutes+      Hard to believe when you see the following video.   Her chiropractor, Dr. Sandra De Sousa, is helping Dr. Riggin down the hall.How does she run so fast when she can barely walk without a lot of pain.   Her answer is part of the story we’ll be doing on WSB-Television one day next week.   I invite you to watch.

They’re just beginning

June 24, 2010

I met a group of people Wednesday who are learning how to work in television.  These young people are training for careers behind the camera.    They are students at Chattahoochee Tech in Cobb County, Georgia.  I was at their facility to host a program about bullying in the Cobb county school system.  They taped it for playback later on cable.   A former Atlanta TV producer is training these students….bringing a real world perspective to what many consider a glamorous job.  All those that I met displayed enthusiasm for a career where it will be tough to get a foothold.  A few may find entry-level jobs in the Atlanta market,but most will be fortunate to begin in small to medium markets.   The pay isn’t likely to be much contrasted with other careers they might pursue.   Would that I live long enough to see how many of them stick with it….how many of the jobs for which they’re training will be filled by robots.

A picture that grabbed me

June 23, 2010

This evokes memories of Goober from the Andy Griffith Show.  It’s Dr. Roger “Bo” Ryles just before a race this past weekend near Douglasville, Georgia.  The semi-retired University of Georgia professor reminds me of the character played by Alabaman George Lindsey.  Lindsey was wearing his hat sideways long before the music-rap characters of today.  Bo, thanks for the smiles.

Memories of Saturday Night

June 22, 2010

Hello to anyone reading this Blog. Again this is Don’s son Scott.  I remembered his password and have, lovingly, hacked into his site. 

In the words of Elton John…Saturday Night’s Allright.  This will be a Saturday I will never forget.  Nor shall my father. 

 But for a minute…

Forget about the free drink coupons, forget about the fantastic dinner service ( the fish was perfect) and forget about the valet hangups. 

Who else in their career has dedicated 50+ years endlessly engaged in their passion.  What is that passion? Only Don McClellan knows, but the fact remains he has been dedicated to  broadcasting over the last half century earning his right to bask in his accomplishments.  People who know him know what I am talking about.

I am so proud of you Dad and love you very much!

Congratulations on your Georgia Broadcasters Hall of Fame Induction!

Leave them smiling

June 21, 2010

Saturday night’s Georgia Association of Broadcasters dinner was a lot of fun.  There were many serious moments, but as speakers learned many years ago, the people in the audience are more likely to remember the humor than anything else.  Hall of Famer Ray Moore was talking about how my Hall Of Fame picture and other information will be hung on a wall at the University of Georgia’ school of journalism.  Here’s how Ray left them smiling  Then came my attempt at leaving them smiling.  ON REFLECTION, I’VE MET A FEW BEARS IN MY LIFE……..