St. Anne’s Honduras mission

This is a picture of some of the people Anne Patrick visited during her recent missionary trip to Honduras.   A woman is standing in the dooorway of her home while the man is ready to ascend to his hut even farther up the rock path.  

This is Anne with one of the residents in the area where she stayed.  The Smyrna, Georgia resident would protest being called a “Saint”.    But if God bestows  sainthood for helping others, I’m believing that Anne is close to the top of the list.  Some question why Anne doesn’t devote all of her time to helping poverty stricken people in metro Atlanta.   Please talk to Anne about that.

Her mission on this trip was to encourage some of the Hondurans  to become chicken growers.  Long term, she figures that this wil help them to better provide for themselves.  In this case we may know whether the chicken, the egg, or Anne Patrick  came first.


One Response to “St. Anne’s Honduras mission”

  1. Janice Duncan Says:

    Amazing photos and blog about a wonderful person who devotes so much of herself to others…………that’s YOU Anne!!

    Thanks for doing this Don!!


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