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My Angel

August 31, 2010

Nurse Gertrude Thompson

Nurse Gertrude Thompson helped me extricate myself from the concrete and stopped the bleeding.  I went down in a parking garage next to where Ms. Thompson works.  She is the Director of Nursing for Student Health Services at Emory University.   She was on the way to a workout and then work when she saw me go down.  I didn’t think I was hurt badly, until I saw the blood flow.   I’m on a blood thinner to reduce the chances of a stroke.  She brought me compresses, inspected the wound, and recommended stitches to close the deep gash in my elbow. God is healing me.  Nurse Thompson was the first angel who started the healing.  There are others who’ve followed.


Pumpkins and Emma

August 30, 2010

Pumpkins almost ready for harvesting in a neigborhood near my home.  I went for what was supposed to be a 6 or 7 mile walk-run today, but had to cut it short.  To reduce the pain from my fall, a doctor prescribed, “Tramadol”.   It had me weaving like a drunk as I attempted to navigate a famiiar course.  I sometimes felt like I was seeing double.  In this picture I really was seeing two pumpkins, I think.   I had ignored the possible side effects printed on the tramadol label.  I think I was experiencing all of them including dizziness.  Before I traveled into the land of oz, I saw one of my neighbors.

Kathy Cook was rolling her newly adopted daughter through our neighborhood.   Kathy and her husband,Calvin, went to China almost a month ago to get Emma Katherine Cook.  “Emma” is a relative’s namesake.   Calvin insisted on “Katherine” in honor of Kathy.

Emma Katherine Cook

Kathy says she learned at least one Chinese word while in China.  Phonetically, it’s pronounced “Nee-how”.    Kathy says it means hi or hello.  Nee-how and goodnight for Sunday, August 29, 2010.

No race Saturday because..

August 29, 2010

because of a nasty fall that gashed my elbow and badly bruised and bloodied other parts of my body.  This is the elbow wound being treated and stitched.   I’m in the Emergency Room at the Emory Adventist Hospital in Smyrna.  The fall proved again that concrete is much harder than my body.

PA Garrett Evan Soames

Physician Assistant Garrett Evan Soames cleaned the gash and inserted ten stitches.  He told me that the concrete had severed the muscle to the bone.   He had to stitch the deep area   before closing with thread on the surface.   Soames earned his PA degree at Emory University.

He works in the ER and is also a PA at a doctor’s private  practice in the Marietta area.   Soames says PA students at Emory practice stitching by using pigs’ feet.    It’s much like human skin.  To reduce the swelling,   I’ll be alternating between ice and heat for the next few days.

Michelle Reeves Burns

Sending me home with a smile was Nurse Michelle Reeves Burns.   Her husband’s a helicopter mechanic in the Navy.  Michelle wrapped the wound…ever so gently.  Michelle, Garrett and their associates helped me and my wife make the best of a stupid fall, but as we told them we hope  we don’t see them again anytime soon..

A principal who’s been there, done that

August 28, 2010

Students sometimes complain that teachers and principals just don’t understand….don’t understand what they’ve going through… the obstacles that keep them from staying in school.   This story from 1997 shows a principal who’s been there, done that.WOULD THAT WE COULD TRACK THESE STUDENTS SEEN IN THIS STORY.  WHERE ARE THEY?   WHAT ARE THEY DOING 13 YEARS LATER?

The Missing Dalmatian

August 27, 2010

A smile, a chuckle, perhaps a laugh as we watch this story about Sparky, the missing mascot.  The year is 1997.SPARKY DID LEAVE THE POOL HALL AND RETURN TO HIS LITTLE BUDDY.

Monica versus Oprah

August 26, 2010

This week, WSB-TV is celebrating Monica Pearson’s 35th year with the station.   The late Don Heald was general manager when Monica first appeared on channel 2.   Don often told the story of his decision to hire the then Louisville, Kentucky reporter-anchor.      Monica was one of two outstanding applicants for the job in 1975 when Don made his final choice.  Who was the other outstanding candidate:  Oprah Winfrey.    Until the day Don died, he would maintain that he made the best choice for WSB-TV.   I pesonally don’t know Oprah, but I do know Monica and I agree with Don Heald.  Monica, congratulations on 35 years with the best  TV station in the world. (Yes, I’m biased.)

His words and spirit live on

August 25, 2010

You may remember my posting about the celebration of Andy Artis’ life.  Before Andy’ death, he wrote in part, “I had a great career working as a senior assignment editor for WSB-TV, Channel 2 in Atlanta after being a camerman for numerous years….”

Andy reflected on his almost 9 year battle with cancer after doctors had told him he had only one year to live, then he added, “People ask me what I would tell others who find themselves in this place.  That’s easy.  I’d tell them, ‘Sometimes early in the process, you may struggle, curse, scream and see just about everything in a negative way.  You’ll throw food you’ve loved in a trashcan, hang up on people you love who are trying to help, and do things you were never taught to do.    But don’t give up!   Do not give up. Whatever a doctor tells you.   Don’t ever give up hope.  There can always be the possibility that you can get better.  God has healed people before you.  Pay attention to your faith, your family and your friends.   Each can be healers in different ways.  If people you trust walk away, let them go.   God will send others to take their place.  Let people get close to you.   Don’t let your illness separate you from other people.   They need you sometimes as much as you need them.  You are going to end up a totally changed person from this experience.’ ”

This is part of Andy’s philosophy that was included in the written program during the celebration of his life.   It still speaks to us.  Andy, may you know that we’re grateful.

My last best hope

August 24, 2010

Here I am again in an Emory Hospital operating room.   Doctors are making another attempt at fixing my heart’s abnormal rhythm.  I’m unconscious while the surgeons do their thing.  This procedure is what they call a “his ablation”.     Its aim is to burn the connections to the heart’s natural pacemaker.  Then my already installed mechanical pacemaker takes over the pacing altogether.  It may be the last best hope of eliminating my atrial fibrilation and allowing me to run again.  Regardless, those turkey sandwiches they serve after the procedure sure taste good.

Emma’s debut

August 23, 2010

Emma Cook

This is 9-month old Emma Cook, recently arrived from China.  It took about four and a half years to complete the adoption process.  My wife took this picture of Emma Sunday when she went to a shower for her mother.  During the two hours of the visit, my wife says Emma was the best behaved baby she’s ever seen.   Emma’s Mom, Kathy Cook, and her husband, Calvin, traveled to China to get their precious child.  My wife did not inquire about the expense, but based on previous stories I’ve done about adopting Chinese children, the cost is typically about 30-thousand dollars.   I know one single female police officer who has adopted two Chinese babies…and was thinking about a third.    Emma’s debut among the ladies of our neighborhood got rave reviews.    It’ll be wonderful to watch her grow into a young woman.    She’ll have the pictures to remember this day. She looks so content snuggling on her mother’s shoulder.

A turtle or a tortoise

August 22, 2010

This creature crossed my path as I was running the Pacemaker 5000 Saturday just south of Atlanta near Hampton, Georgia.   Runners as fast as some hares were bearing down as it ambled along.   The runners were traveling 3.1 miles contrasted with this slow mover who was only trying to get to the other side of the road.    I’m thinking it’s a tortoise because like the hero of  The Tortoise and the Hare,  it got to its finish line sooner than the runners to theirs.  Is it true that all tortoises are turtles, but not all turtles are tortoises?