Local names pronounced incorrectly

One of the first things I remember learning in broadcast news was to pronounce proper names the way the locals pronounce them.   Many of today’s broadcasters ignore that learned wisdom.   “Ft. McPherson” and “McDonough”, Georgia are two prime examples.     The namesake of Ft. Mac is a family who pronounced their name Mc (fer) son…not Mc (fear) son.     The long-time residents of McDonough pronounce their town the way it’s spelled:  Mc-Don-ough  not Mc-Dun-ough.       On the other hand, there are names not pronounced the way they’re spelled.   When Jimmy Carter was Governor and later President, we learned that his wife pronounces her given name “Rose-uh-lyn”   not  “Roz-uh-lyn”.     Who cares?  Even if you don’t care, it’s common courtesy to learn the preferred pronounciation of people, places and things… and practice it.  How do you feel when someone mispronounces your name?


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