Beirut Memorial

299 people died in the terrorists truck bombing of the Marine Corps barracks in Beirut, Lebanon.  220 of them were United States Marines.  They were a part of an international peace keeping force during the civil war in Lebanon.   Saturday, October 23rd, was the 27th anniversary of the 1983 outrage.  So members of the Marine Corps League south of Atlanta came together to remember.

The centerpiece of the memorial was a 5K run led by a flag-bedecked motorcycle.  It was the pace vehicle for the race leader.     There is a full story about this event with a link on the right hand side of this window.  Just click on “Don McClellan’s Photo Shows” for the full story.  You’ll meet two metro Atlanta survivors of the bombing.  Their memory of that day 27 years ago, “chaos…total chaos.”


One Response to “Beirut Memorial”

  1. Carol Pittinger Says:

    My cousin Billy Pollard was in the barracks the day it was bombed. Unfortunately he was killed. He was only 19 with a wife and baby! He wanted to be a Marine because his Father was a Marine and he was so proud! I remember Billy as one of the sweetest guys ever! I still miss him. I wish I had known about the Memorial I would have participated in it in Billy’s Memory! Thank you so much for doing this for all of these brave men!

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