Tot Trotters

This youngster and her mother are among the participants in the “Tot Trot”.   Notice that one of her shoes has come off, but she was ready to keep going without it.  The “Tot Trot” was one of the events at the Run Dunwoody races this past Sunday morning.  The “Tot Trots” are usually less than 50 yards.

Most of the 5-year and younger  Tots sprint along the course.    They show future promise as runners.    A majority seem to enjoy the experience, but…

this 3-year-old fell.  His Mom and Brother came to his rescue.   He didn’t want to continue.  He wasn’t the only one.

In this picture, this would-be trotter demanded that his Dad carry him.   After all, it was his parents’ idea that he run with all these strangers.   Maybe he’ll eventually love to run, but on this day, he only wanted to be a Tot…not a trotter.


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