Halloween on Sunday

This is one of the few Halloween decorations in my neighborhood and three other neighborhoods near me.  I’m wondering if people are waiting till the last minute or if the sparsity of faux goblins and ghosts has anything to do with Halloween falling on Sunday this year.  I was surprised to read that  for Christians, Halloween is one of the most popular holidays…second only to Christmas.  I’ll leave you to research the origin and myths of Halloween.  Suffice it to say that some consider it an evil holiday.    Back in the day, we kids growing up in East Tennessee did some pretty evil things.   This was before the days of “trick or treating”.    We regularly soaped people’s windows, took the pumpkins off doorsteps and smashed them on the street.   One time, several of us hoisted an out-house (toilet) to the top of a utility pole and left it there.      Thank God, the youngsters of today behave more like angels regardless of which day of the week we observe Halloween.  Here are some that came to our door last year.


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