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Jean Louise Finch

November 30, 2010

is a fictiional character based on the childhood of her creator.  Watching this 6-year-old this evening in a splendid evergreen movie stirred memories of my growing-up in the years of the “Great Depression”.   Her’s were in Mississippi.  Mine were in East Tennessee.  Jean Louise’s father was a lawyer.  Mine was in the automobile business.   In the movie, she asks her father if they are poor.   He answers, “yes.”       I don’t recall asking my father or mother if we were poor, but on reflection, there were indicators.   We wore our clothes and our shoes until there was no more “wearin'” in them.   We gratefully accepted fruits, vegetables and meats from our paternal grandparents farm.    Soup beans were one of our mainstays.   Sunday afternoon dinner was a special treat.   That meant chicken…usally fried chicken.   What many now call “lunch” was “dinner”.   Today’s “dinner” was “supper”.    “Breakfast” has had the same name all these years.  The writer of the novel on which the movie is based created other memorable characters in telling  her story.  Jean Louise”s father was Atticus.    The title of the book came from a silent character played by Robert Duval.   His movie name was  Arthur “Boo” Radley.    In one of the closing scenes,  Jean Louise “Scout” Finch was talking with her father, Atticus Finch, played by Oscar-Winning Gregory Peck.    Boo Radley had just saved Scout and her brother, Jem, by killing their attacker.   “Scout”  said to her father that even to consider prosecuting Boo would be like killing a mocking bird…to kill someone who’d never harmed anyone except their attacker.  “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee is the only novel she ever published.


Rudolph in our neighborhood

November 29, 2010

Rudolph, the red nose reindeer, is the center piece of the first 2010 Christmas decorations in our neighborhood.  Contrasted with stores and others, we’re late with the traditional signs of the season.  Since I was a child there have been complaints about merchants displaying Christmas decorations too soon.   There still are those complaints and merchants are still doing it…perhaps sooner each year.  In constrast, our neighborhood seems to be getting later each year.   To each his own.  I expect my wife will put up our decorations and we’ll buy our tree by December 15th.  I love it..perhaps because it reminds me of my childhood growing up in East Tennessee.

High Heel Hustle

November 28, 2010

Men and women on the starting line for the High Heel Hustle Saturday as part of the Aubrae Gunderson Memorial event.   We’re at Heritage High about 35 miles east of Atlanta.  Aubrae Gunderson was a scholar- athlete at Heritage.  She died in a tragic accident.  A 5K race is the main event, but the High Heel Hustle is the crazy, fun part.  It’s 40 yards in heels 3 inches or higher.HERE IS THE WINNER IN THE HIGH HEEL HUSTLE.   He proves that women are not the only ones who can run in high heels.

Auburn 28 Alabama 27

November 27, 2010

Wow!  What a game when you don’t care who wins!

I’m thankful that

November 26, 2010

God  is with me “even to the ends of the earth”…and beyond.   I’m thankful for my family and friends and the love that flows all around me.     I’m thankful for people who have helped me realize that “the best things in life are not things at all.”

Body scan follow

November 25, 2010

I call your attention to Ned Puddleman’s thoughtful comments about body scans and “pat downs”.  Apparently a large majority of people flying today, do not have the same fears as he does.  Authorities report that only about 40 people out of thousands today at Hartsfield-Jackson airport in Atlanta opted out of the body scan.  There were a few demonstrators on the sidewalk trying to persuade people to feel the same way as Puddleman does.  A spokesman for the demonstrators says they are just happy to be out there and educate as many people as would listen.

Body scan

November 24, 2010

Wednesday is supposed to be the big day to see whether those traveling by air will boycott the body scans required at several major airports.   Those that do refuse to step in front of the machines will undergo a full pat-down in a private room.  This takes about 10 minutes.   If enough people choose the pat-downs, it’s likely to cause a major backup.  Apparently, there are several airports that don’t yet have the scanning machines.   My wife just returned from a trip that took her through the security in airports at San Francisco and Denver.   She reports no body scans or pat-downs at either airport.  Personally, I’m among the passengers who welcome the invasion of my privacy if it means a safer flight.   As one of my women friends told me, they’re not going to see anything they can’t see in a book on anatomy.

Watching ’em grow

November 23, 2010

This is a picture of an infant I met while walking in our neighborhood last week.  It reminds me of  several other youngsters we’ve seen grow up since moving here more than 23 years ago.    A family across the street has two sons.  One is close to graduating from college….the other will graduate high school in just a few months.  I remember when their mother was wheeling them down the street as this mother is her child.    I have memories that still evoke a smile.  For example, when 5-year-old Bobby rang our doorbell, he asked my wife if Don (that would be me) could come out to play.   Bolbby certainly didn’t discriminate because of age.   I watched Bobby and his brother Kip grow into young men much bigger than I ever was.  Every year when I see the falling leaves, I’m reminded of our mortality, of the inevitable cycle of life.  I’m approaching my December knowing that Spring will bring new life..and God willing, I’ll be around a few more times to come out and play.

My Love has come home!

November 22, 2010


Gisela returns with pictures from Albuquerque.  She’s in this pic with our daughter-in-law, Alexia, and our 11-week-old grand-daughter, Katrianne.    Katrianne weighed into this world as a “Preemie” at about 2 pounds.   Now up to 7 pounds, she’s still in the hospital’s Neo-Natal Unit.

Carston Nichols

Her big brother, 6-year-old Carston, is at home “supervising” the renovation of their adobe-style house.   They’re expanding it to accomodate the newest member of the family.  It’s probably just as well that she’s missing all the noise.  Their anticipated happiness when Katrianne evenutally comes home may rival the happiness I feel about Gisela being back with me.

UGA means business

November 21, 2010

A concrete likeness of one of the most famous faces in Georgia sits atop a mailbox in Gainesville, Georgia.  I passed “UGA” while running a 5K Saturday that took us through an industrial park.    There have been several generations of UGA mascots at the University of Georgia in Athens.   He’s had lots of national exposure on TV during football games.  Having this concrete statue in front of a business probably attracts business.   On the other hand, I wonder if Georgia Tech, Auburn and other university loyalists are turned off by UGA.  On balance, it must be better for business than not.