Barbecue and politics

The day after electiion, there probably will be many politicians in this country who can identify with the late Georgia Governor Marvin Griffin.   The fun-loving Griffin was Governor of Georgia from 1955 to 1959.  Having barbecues around the state with Griffin speaking was one of his favorite ways of campaigning.   In 1962, he ran in the Democratic primary against eventual nominee Carl Sanders.  When asked to comment on the outcome of the primary, Griffin with a smile, told reporters, “a lot of people ate my barbecue who didn’t vote for me.”    Barbecue is so much more expensive today.


2 Responses to “Barbecue and politics”

  1. Your morning jolt: Georgia politics as fantasy league | Political Insider Says:

    […] who has spent more than 50 years over at Channel 2 Action News, has posted this balm for Roy Barnes on his personal blog. It’s a brief clip from an interview with Carl Sanders, several years after the former governor […]

  2. John Says:

    Did you know about this new book on Governor Griffin?

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