Lessons not learned

Former Georgia Governor Roy Barnes followed the pattern of past Georgia governors who tried to make a comeback.    He lost.  In my more than 50 years with WSB-Television, I’ve watched several of the state’s chief excutives fail in a bid to regain Georgia’s top office.    In chronological order, they were Marvin Griffin (1962).    Ernest Vandiver and Ellis Arnall (1966).   Carl Sanders (1970), Lester Maddox (1974) and now Roy Barnes.  There may have been others, but those are the ones I remember.    Of note, Carl Sanders lost in the Democratic primary to then newcomer Jimmy Carter.    A few years later, I talked with Sanders about why Georgia voters tend to reject former governors and why the candidates keep trying.  This is Sanders answer.Sanders was 57 when we did the interview.   He is now 84 and as far as I know still practicing law.


One Response to “Lessons not learned”

  1. roderick kennon Says:

    Don you forgot Lester Maddox 1974. Yes Mr. Kennon, Maddox was unique. He was Governor, then Lt. Governor before running again for Governor in 1974…and losing.

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