Nepotism in Georgia?

While you’re running for governor, it seems to me it’s OK to have as many family members as you want working in your campaign to get you elected.  But after you’re elected, is it OK to have your daughter-in-law as a member of your transition team?  Webster defines “nepotism” as “favoritism extended toward relatives, esp. by appointing them to desirable positions.”  In my lifetime, one of the most memorable examples is President John F. Kennedy choosing his brother Bobby as Attorney General.  As far as I know, nepotism is not a crime, so Georgia Governor-elect Nathan Deal did not violate the law in choosing the person he thinks is best for the job.   He named his daughter-in-law to his transition team.  If JFK could pick his brother with impunity why not Deal his daughter-in-law. …especialy since the transition team has a sunset in less than two months.


One Response to “Nepotism in Georgia?”

  1. Walter LIttle, Jr. Says:

    Don, unfortunately, Nepotism is alive and well in Georgia and no one seems to have any problem with it. I worked in municipal government for 14+ years (I volunteer with the Red Cross now) and saw repeated incidences of nepotism yet nothing was done about it.


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