Memories of milking a cow

There are few things from my childhood that are more memorable than when I learned to milk a cow.   It was the summertime on my great Grandpa’s farm in southwest Virginia.  I often went to stay for a couple of weeks when school was not in session.   One early morning, my Grandma sent me to the barn to tell my Grandpa that breakfast was on the table.   Until then, I’d never seen anyone milk a cow.   When I opened the barn door, there was Grandpa sitting on a stool beside a cow. 

Milking a cow

  As I went closer, Grandpa sprayed me in the face witha warm milk from the cow’s teat.  Of course I wanted to try milking that big ole heifer.   Grandpa sat me on the stool and reached around my shoulders to guide my small hands.   With Grandpa supplying most of the muscle, we  finished draining the udder.  I thought machines had displaced hand milking, but not so according to one website.  The expert writes that unless you have 15 or more cows, it’s not worth the cost of buying those expensive milking machines.  My milking days may not be over.


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