Lou Graham off the record

Louis "Lou" Graham

Police pioneer Louis “Lou” Graham has died from complications of multiple myeloma.   Blacks couldn’t arrest whites when the then 28-yar-old Graham joined the Atlanta Police Department in 1964…4 years after my arrival at WSB-Television.   Over the years, we developed a trusting relationship.    He would give me a fact based interview on camera then if I agreed, he would go off the record.   It was during one of those off-the record sessions that he first told me he thought convicted murderer Wayne Williams was innocent of the infamous “Atlanta Child Murders”. Graham was a member of the task force that investigated those killings.  So I would ask, “who you think did it?”   He believed that a white supremacist group or an individual who believed in white supremacy committed most of the murders.    Several years later, he would go public with his beliefs.   He tried to do something about his theory when he became DeKalb County’s Police Chief.  He reopened an investigation into 5 of the child murders that were committed in DeKalb.   But those investigations were dropped after Graham resigned from the DeKalb job.   When he died, Graham was 71


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