Carston at 6

Carston Nichols

Can it be two years since I shot this picture of our grandson, Carston Nichols, celebrating his 4th birthday!  He and his parents, Chris and Alexia, lived in Newnan then.   Now, they’re in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  My wife, Gisela, is there with them for Carston’s 6th birthday.   I’m due to join them on the phone in a few minutes.  My wife says the big party will be this Saturday when most parents and children won’t have work or school.  Carston has decided to take his friends bowling.  He would like to have his preemie sister along, but Katrianne’s still in the hospital’s neo-natal unit.   She’s progressing toward the day when she’ll come home.  Now  at more than two and a half months old, she weighs a little over 6 pounds.    In another 6 years, she should be able to go bowling with Carston!  Happy birthday to her big brother…our grandson!


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