Hanging from the “Eiffel Tower”.

This is along the route of the under- construction “Beltline” in east Atlanta.  The “Beltline” is aimed at the reclaiming of abandoned railroad tracks and eliminating the blight that surrounds them.  I don’t know the history that surrounds this mini replica of the Eiffell Tower and its dummy.  Four of us “oldtimers” went for a 3-mile walk today along the “Beltline”.    From left to right:  Pat Haly, George Boyd, me and Richard Taylor.  One of them suggested the dummy was a replica of King Kong.  But I think that’s mixing plots.   King Kong hung from the Empire State Building.   A construction supervisor named Steve blocked our path as we attempted to walk past a park and detention pond being built along the “Beltline”   He told us we couldn’t get any closer without a hard hat and safety vest.  I doubt it was dangerous, but he’s constrained to enforce the rules.    After trying in vain to convince Steve to let us take the risk, we reluctantly turned around and retraced our steps back to our starting point.  Perhaps one day, Ill find  the story behind the dummy on the “Eiffel Tower”.


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