My Love has come home!


Gisela returns with pictures from Albuquerque.  She’s in this pic with our daughter-in-law, Alexia, and our 11-week-old grand-daughter, Katrianne.    Katrianne weighed into this world as a “Preemie” at about 2 pounds.   Now up to 7 pounds, she’s still in the hospital’s Neo-Natal Unit.

Carston Nichols

Her big brother, 6-year-old Carston, is at home “supervising” the renovation of their adobe-style house.   They’re expanding it to accomodate the newest member of the family.  It’s probably just as well that she’s missing all the noise.  Their anticipated happiness when Katrianne evenutally comes home may rival the happiness I feel about Gisela being back with me.


One Response to “My Love has come home!”

  1. Amit Kumar Says:

    Alexia-Katrianne one of the beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing.!!!

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