Body scan

Wednesday is supposed to be the big day to see whether those traveling by air will boycott the body scans required at several major airports.   Those that do refuse to step in front of the machines will undergo a full pat-down in a private room.  This takes about 10 minutes.   If enough people choose the pat-downs, it’s likely to cause a major backup.  Apparently, there are several airports that don’t yet have the scanning machines.   My wife just returned from a trip that took her through the security in airports at San Francisco and Denver.   She reports no body scans or pat-downs at either airport.  Personally, I’m among the passengers who welcome the invasion of my privacy if it means a safer flight.   As one of my women friends told me, they’re not going to see anything they can’t see in a book on anatomy.


One Response to “Body scan”

  1. Ned Puddleman Says:

    I have to disagree with you. There are many medical professionals that believe the scanning machines put out too much radiation and can lead to problems down the road. For someone that has a family history of breast or prostate cancer getting radiated isn’t a good idea. So “opt-out” is the only solution.

    Here is the problem, no scanning machine or molestation is going to make air travel safe. Because of political correctness, we do not profile. In Israel, they profile and they don’t have body scanners or cop a feel sessions to get on an airplane. They do a background check, interviews, and you walk through a metal detector and get on the plane. Another thing Israel does is the screen before you get into the airport. They have never had a hijacking.

    I guess the question becomes if you allow the government to take naked pictures of you and touch your privates to board an airplane, what won’t you allow it to do? Where does it stop? If the government announces that microchip implants is going to make everyone safer are you going to take the chip under your skin? The real goal of all this isn’t about safety; it’s about establishing a police state and total control of everyone. We are witnessing the first steps in the process.

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