Warming up to the cold

As the temperatures begin to drop near freezing, our bodies take awhile to adjust.   Many runners accelerate that adjustment by “warming up to the cold.”   Here’s how:   we dress in layers and move as rapidly as we can.   A marathoner (26.2 miles) might tell you that the cold doesn’t matter after the first mile.  Your body normally generates enough heat by the first mile to overcome the freezing temperatures.   If you get too warm, you can take off one, two or as many layers as necessary to be comfortable.  On stories for WSB-Television that required us to do live shots in the cold, we’d stand outside the live-truck shivering waiting for our spot in the newscast.   Once done, we’d quickly get back into the warm comfort of the van.    We could have also found comfort by running around and around the vehicle.     Without a heater of some kind, movement and/layers of clothes  can be essential to warming up to the cold.


One Response to “Warming up to the cold”

  1. Dustin Walter Says:

    Try riding a motorcycle. The ice cold wind while riding eats right through your bones, no matter what cold weather gear you have!

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