Gasoline prices

Gasoline prices are inching up again.     There’s usually about a 15 cents per gallon difference between what you pay at membership stations contrasted with the cheapest non-member stations.   For example, today prices for regular at Costco and Sam’s Club were $264.9 per gallon.   At QT and RaceTrac, you are paying about $279.9 in many areas of metro Atlanta.     At Costco and Sam’s there are often long lines.   Sometimes I drive off and pay the higher prices  rather than sitting and waiting.  I read that the current spike in prices is not  because less oil is being pumped, but rather it’s a problem with some of the refineries producing less gasoline.     I’ve done many stories for WSB-Television about the gasoline pipelines and tank farms where they store the fuel before they truck it to the stations.   I don’t disbelieve, but have never been convinced that they’re able to separate the different grades of gasoline that travel through the same pipelines.  One of the more memorable stories about the pipelines occurred in West Georgia.   For almost a year, thieves tapped into a gasoline pipeline that ran through farm-land.   They had their own tanker truck.    The police caught them, but not before they’d stolen a fortune in gasoline.   It would be almost 6 times as valuable at today’s prices.


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