Marlee and the monitor

Marlee the kitten is fascinated by the computer monitor.  She’ll sit in front of it several minutes at a time.   The 4-month-old will sometimes attack the screen apparently trying to catch whatever is moving.  Her favorite prey is the the cursor.

If I call her name, Marlee will turn to the camera.  Probably it’s just the sound of my voice that gets her attention.   I’m guessing that “peanut butter” would get her to react as much as “Marlee”.  Do cats think?   If they do, therefore they are?  Seems to me Marlee is whether she thinks or not.


One Response to “Marlee and the monitor”

  1. BrenintheATL Says:

    How cute, not only do cats think, they PLAN and strategize, if they figure out HOW to get thier own food, and water, they would lock us “staff” out ! That’s right Don dogs have owners, CATS have a STAFF

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