The Brasstown Bald Buster

Ice on the trees greeted us as we arrived in north Georgia for the annual Brasstown Bald Buster 5K.     Georgia’s highest peak is about 15 miles north of Helen, Georgia…more than one-hundred miles from Atlanta.  Usually we start our 3.1 mile run at the bottom of Brasstown Bald and go to the top.  But today the gates were padlocked.    Apparently the State Rangers felt there was too much ice on the roads near the top.   So Race Director Gary Jenkins went to plan B.  That means we would run-walk half way up before turning around and returning to the bottom.

I, Frank Woodall, and Bernie Golstein had a plan of our own.   We would get an early start.  After the first few strides, it became apparent there’d be no running for us on this steep climb.


We did see a little ice as we struggled just to walk.   But mostly the roads were clear.  At our stop and go pace, it was a time to see some beautiful sights unique to Brasstown Bald.



This “cloud forest” is reputed to be the only one of its kind in Georgia..yellow birch trees bathed in the moisture of the clouds.  More than 3-hundred of us went up and down Brasstown Bald.  For me, the coming down lifted me up!










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