I can HEAR!

Jim Barger is a “Hearing Aid Dispenser” at Costco in Smyrna, Georgia.  At no cost or obligation, he’ll test your hearing.  He ran a series of tests on me today… first on my right ear   then my left.  Jim also tested my skull’s ability to hear sounds. Hallelujah!  The “Hearing Aid Dispenser” says the results show that I don’t need a hearing aid.   Jim  told me he wishes he had my hearing.     I hurried home to tell my wife who wanted me to have the test.  I also told her she should stop mumbling.


One Response to “I can HEAR!”

  1. frank Says:

    I don’t think Gisela’s mumbling has anything to do with it….you should stop ignoring the smartest ( by far the smartest person ) in your household….

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