Jane Wyman still exists

Jane Wyman 1917-2007

I watched a movie this evening starring Jane Wyman.  It was her  1948 “oscar” winning performance in Johnny Belinda.  Her depiction of a deaf young woman who killed the man who raped her was well told and acted.    Wyman had a long career.  She died in 2007 at the age of 90.  She was married 5 times….the last two times to the same man.   By far, her most famous husband was Ronald Reagan.  She was his first wife.  Reagam was Wyman’s third husband.   They married in 1940…divorced  the same year of her academy award winning performance.  They had two children together.   Wyman’s performance in Johnny Belinda reminds me of the fallacy of a line from another actor in another movie.   He said, “when I am gone and those who knew me are gone, it will be as if I never existed.”   Perhaps that is true for that fictional character, but for Wyman and other film legends, they will exist as long as their movies.


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