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Callaway-Christmas-Maddox vs. Callaway

January 31, 2011

Christmas Village decorations still hanging over the entrance to the Circus Tent at Callaway Gardens.  It”s a little more than 80 miles southwest of Atlanta.  I was there Sunday for 3 different races.  You could choose a 5K, marathon or half-marathon.  I chose the shortest distance. 

Callaway is a wonderful place to visit.  It’s a beautiful place to run.  I’ll always remember that Callaway Scion Bo Callaway missed becoming Georgia’s governor because Democrats at the time controlled the state legislature.  Neither Democrat Lester Maddox nor Republican Callaway received 50%  plus one of the vote.   So the law provided that the legislature decide.  The year was 1966.  The legislators chose Maddox.  Bo Callaway went on to a national cabinet post as Secretary of the Army.


Bagpipes and more

January 30, 2011

I was at the Tartan Trot 5K & 10K  Saturday morning in Dunwoody, Georgia.   It’s a suburb of Atlanta.  Before the race, a trio of Bagpipers show cased their talents.    It was 34 degrees when the races started at 8:30 a.m.   Two hours later as I was leaving, the temperature had risen to 55 degrees.   I’m going to bed early getting ready for another run Sunday morning at Callaway Gardens.    Perhaps we’ll see each other there!


January 29, 2011

Isolationism was once a hoped for reality, but now it’s only a dream from the past.  I was reminded again today that we’re all connected, regardless of where we live on this planet.   The protests and subsequent violence in Egypt are affecting our lives in the United States.   Gasoline prices which had begun to stabilize now are headed upward because of the fear that the supply of oil from the Arab-producing nations will be reduced.  We’ll likely be paying more at the pump.   Investors dislike uncertainty.   We see uncertainty’s effect on the world’s stock markets.  On a personal level, many of our investments in stocks will take a hit, including our 401Ks.  Egypt may be half a world away, but what happens there doesn’t take long to make the trip to the USA.

Ray Moore’s not driving

January 28, 2011

Ray Moore

This is Ray Moore as he was celebrating his 88th birthday this past July.  Ray has been my mentor and friend for more than half a century.  He was the WSB-Television News Director and main anchor during the 1950s and 60s.   At that time,  Ray was the best-known and liked TV personality in Atlanta.  Now Ray’s made a major decision.   He told me today that he’s decided not to drive any more.  As is typical with Ray, he’s giving up the wheel out of concern for others.   This giant of a man told me he’s had two mini-strokes during the past six months.  He’s OK with what might happen to him should another occur while he’s driving, but he’s not OK with what harm it could do to those in his path.  So he’ll be depending on others for his travel needs. 

Sara and Ray Moore

His beautiful wife, Sara, will be his prime driver.    Others of us may have the privilege of Ray’s company if  ever he needs us..

Is justice delayed justice denied?

January 27, 2011

Julie Love (circa 1988)

In the summer of 1988, 27-year-old Julie Love disappeared.  Police say her car ran out of gas while she was driving in the Buckhead area of Atlanta.   Detectives believe the Pre-school fitness center owner was walking either to a gas station or her boyfriend’s house not far away.  It would be 13 months later before police found her badly beaten body.   Evidence showed the killer had raped her before shooting her to death.

Emmanuel Hammond (Executed 1-25-11)

Detectives were stymied for more than a year.  The big break came when the killer’s girlfriend contacted police because she feared she would be next.  A judge sentenced Hammond to die, but the convicted murderer would live for another 22 years.    A lethal injection finally ended the 49-year-old killer’s life late Tuesday evening.  Was justice delayed for more than two decades justice denied?

A dreary rainy day meets endorphins

January 26, 2011

Rain drops on an exercise bar at a park near my metro Atlanta home.   It’s been like this since early Tuesday.  Meteorolgists are predicting the light-steady rain will continue into Wednesday, perhaps changing into a light dusting of snow.

I completed the exercise circuit in the park before continuing my 4-mile run-walk through residential neighborhoods.  I was feeling negative effects of a dreary rainy day before I began.   The negative had turned to positive when I finished.   Here’s how.

When you exercise with sufficient effort, the body produces a “feel good” substance that’s better than any synthetic.  The substance is called “endorphins”.   Look it up. You may be inspired to make your own!

Is it a harbinger?

January 25, 2011

During my more than half-a-century with WSB-Television, the years spent covering business news were the most educational.   It gave me a chance to learn from the experts.   One of the things that made a lasting impression on me is the stock market as a predictor of things to come.   I learned that there is usually a six-month lag between the market and the economy.   If that theory proves true this time, the economy will continue its recovery.   Both the Dow Industrials and NASDAQ  are on the rise.  That means that large number of investors are literally betting that businesses  on the exchanges will do well and be worth more than the current values…perhaps much more.

They lived up to their names

January 24, 2011

Fans are fanatics.  This is particularly true in sports.   Sunday evening we witnessed Pittsburgh fanatics living up to their names.   There they were in single digit temperatures with the wind-chill below zero watching their beloved Steelers defeat the New York Jets.  The Steelers beat the Jets 24-19 for the right to meet Green Bay in the Super Bowl.    I can better understand how the players tolerated the extreme cold.  I’ve run, reported and soldiered in worse conditions.  But I, like the football players, generated heat by being on the move.  On the other hand, the fanatics in the stands except for their cheering and booing  did not show much movement.   Most were dressed warmly, but heavy clothing and crowd heat can only do so much with -4 degrees wind-chill.   But in the stands they stayed until the sweet end that rewarded them with a Steelers victory.   The “Pittsburgh Faithful”  proved again that they are truly fanatics.

A metaphor of life

January 23, 2011

This is the “Tot Trot” at Saturday’s Polar Bear run east of Marietta, Georgia. The “Tot Trot” is one of four events that features the 5K.   The trot  for two and three-year-olds is from one side of the gymnasium to the other.  As in life, the children are going in different directions.  Some run straight to the finish, one or two seem uncertain about where they’re going, and one little girl is crying as she heads back to her father.    It’s not unlike the spectrum of behavior we see among us adults.

“War is hell”

January 22, 2011

This photo of Union General William T. Sherman is one of the exhibits in the Visitors Center at the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park just outside Atlanta.  A friend and I stopped there about midway of a 5-mile walk-run.  The exhibit reminded me of the letter that Sherman wrote to the Mayor and City Council of Atlanta.  The Mayor and Council had asked Sherman to retract his order to burn Atlanta.   In his answer, Sherman wrote, “War is cruelty and you cannot refine it.”  The Major General’s letter spells out in detail his reasoning for not withdrawing the order.  It reminds me of a decision that President Harry Truman made more than 80-years later to drop the A-bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Sherman believed that in the long-term, lives would be saved.  He also believed burning Atlanta would achieve peace and reunite the United States.  His reasoning, however valid,  was lost in the flames that laid waste to 37 percent of Atlanta’s  buildings, both factories and homes.