This is a scene outside our home Sunday  about 10 p.m.  It’s beautiful, but it reminds me of a Sunday evening January 8th, 1973.    Snow turned to ice.   It wrapped itself around metro Atlanta’s utility lines.  The temperature remained below freezing for 4 consecutive days.  Pipes burst, streets were hazardous and power lines snapped.  Meteorolgists are predicting that the flakes falling this evening will turn to ice by Monday morning.    Many people will be staying home.  Schools and businesses are closing.   On a personal note our biggest concern is a spaying appointment Marlee has at the vet early tomorrow.  The 6-month-old is supposed to fast overnight in preparation for the surgery.  We anticipate complaining when we take up her food, but maybe she’ll understand if we have to postpone her spaying.  I don’t think it would bother me if I were she.   In the meantime, let it snow, let it snow, 



One Response to “SNOW!!”

  1. Bob Kaplitz Says:

    Don, as always, you’re great at capturing not just the facts and images, but the feel of things. Congratulations on your half century with WSB television.

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