Slippin’, Sliddin’ and Melting

My friend and I went on a slippin’-sliddin’ walk today in our neighborhood.   The temperature was edging slightly above freezing.  Using my well-practiced TV reporter technique, I point to the point of the story.    It’s along the edges of the street where

the ice and snow are beginning to melt.  But if the meteorolgists are accurate, the melting will be short-lived.    My friend and I managed to travel a few miles on foot without falling, but there were several times I had to make like “The Great Wallenda” to stay upright.  As we climbed toward the steep hill leading out of our neighborhood, we were encouraged to see someone driving out in a mini-van.   They made it because the City of Smyrna had scraped away the snow and put sand on the main roads at the top or our subdivision.  As we headed back home, I saw another neighbor pulling her baby.   She told me that it was easier and safer to pull than push on the icy pavement.  She and her husband recently have adopted a beautiful Chinese child.

The baby was all snug covered by blankets.  She seemed to be enjoying the adventure as much as her Mom!    She’ll not likely remember this day, but I’ll give her pictures to treasure as she grows older.


One Response to “Slippin’, Sliddin’ and Melting”

  1. Ron Forbes Says:

    I have a HD Wide Screen TV. I purchased this equipment to see full screen broadcast. It is VERY INFURIATING to have my screen altered with a blue snowflake border by WSB. This action causes a normally enjoyable experience to become exasperating. Not everyone wants to see the same stale information constantly displayed on the screen. I understand my options and since I have Dish Network I tuned to another channel (as I do when Neal Borts is on WSB Radio).

    If the WSB staff has the technical ability I would suggest WSB provide another channel viewers could tune to and not have the infuriating alarmist weather propaganda constantly on the screen. I am willing to pay for this option just let me known how to access such an option. Perhaps WSB should have a WSB 24 Hour Weather Channel for the numb skull viewers who cannot look outside and understand there is an ice storm going on and they would be better off selling their vehicle and staying off the roads so emergency service drivers could get to their destinations.

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