Icicles and Marlee

The sun was shining brightly Thursday in metro Atlanta, but the icicles are stubbornly hanging on.   This was my first day to drive since the snow and ice descenedd upon us 4 days ago.   Our neighborhood is not nearly as bad as those I’ve seen on TV, however in spots it’s still dangerous.   Our 6-month-old Marlee is the main reason we risked driving on semi-slick streets.   Here she is at the Vet recovering from surgery.   The anesthetic hadn’t worn off when I took this picture.   She’s looking back, perhaps wondering, “what have they done to me?”


What the Vet did is spay her.   The surgery went well.   She has self-dissolving stitches so wont have to return until her next routine check-up.     Marlee is spending the night at the Vet’s.  We expect be out on the roads again tomorrow when it’s time for Marlee to come home.   We miss her.


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