Someone has to lose unless..

unless it’s a tie.   I’m often bemused by how people’s lives are affected by how their sports teams do.   Often when Atlanta teams don’t perform up to expectations, columnists will write articles about what a team must do to win more.    I can imagine that writers in other cities must be writing similar columns about their teams.   Religion often becomes involved.  Imagine this scenario:   God is hearing the prayers of players, fans and columnists.   The pleas are coming from Pittsburgh, New York, Chicago, Green Bay and all the other cities that field teams.    So if you were God, what would you do?   How would you decide?   Would you care who scored more points, got more runs, or sank more baskets?  Would you just flip a coin or answer the prayers by remaining neutral?  When I become emotionally involved with one of our home teams, I try to remind myself that someone’s gotta lose unless it’s a tie.  I’m not always convincing.


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