They lived up to their names

Fans are fanatics.  This is particularly true in sports.   Sunday evening we witnessed Pittsburgh fanatics living up to their names.   There they were in single digit temperatures with the wind-chill below zero watching their beloved Steelers defeat the New York Jets.  The Steelers beat the Jets 24-19 for the right to meet Green Bay in the Super Bowl.    I can better understand how the players tolerated the extreme cold.  I’ve run, reported and soldiered in worse conditions.  But I, like the football players, generated heat by being on the move.  On the other hand, the fanatics in the stands except for their cheering and booing  did not show much movement.   Most were dressed warmly, but heavy clothing and crowd heat can only do so much with -4 degrees wind-chill.   But in the stands they stayed until the sweet end that rewarded them with a Steelers victory.   The “Pittsburgh Faithful”  proved again that they are truly fanatics.


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