Is justice delayed justice denied?

Julie Love (circa 1988)

In the summer of 1988, 27-year-old Julie Love disappeared.  Police say her car ran out of gas while she was driving in the Buckhead area of Atlanta.   Detectives believe the Pre-school fitness center owner was walking either to a gas station or her boyfriend’s house not far away.  It would be 13 months later before police found her badly beaten body.   Evidence showed the killer had raped her before shooting her to death.

Emmanuel Hammond (Executed 1-25-11)

Detectives were stymied for more than a year.  The big break came when the killer’s girlfriend contacted police because she feared she would be next.  A judge sentenced Hammond to die, but the convicted murderer would live for another 22 years.    A lethal injection finally ended the 49-year-old killer’s life late Tuesday evening.  Was justice delayed for more than two decades justice denied?


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