Ray Moore’s not driving

Ray Moore

This is Ray Moore as he was celebrating his 88th birthday this past July.  Ray has been my mentor and friend for more than half a century.  He was the WSB-Television News Director and main anchor during the 1950s and 60s.   At that time,  Ray was the best-known and liked TV personality in Atlanta.  Now Ray’s made a major decision.   He told me today that he’s decided not to drive any more.  As is typical with Ray, he’s giving up the wheel out of concern for others.   This giant of a man told me he’s had two mini-strokes during the past six months.  He’s OK with what might happen to him should another occur while he’s driving, but he’s not OK with what harm it could do to those in his path.  So he’ll be depending on others for his travel needs. 

Sara and Ray Moore

His beautiful wife, Sara, will be his prime driver.    Others of us may have the privilege of Ray’s company if  ever he needs us..


2 Responses to “Ray Moore’s not driving”

  1. Wayne Robertson Says:

    He still looks good. Thanks for the news and hope he prospers.

    –Wayne Robertson

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