Isolationism was once a hoped for reality, but now it’s only a dream from the past.  I was reminded again today that we’re all connected, regardless of where we live on this planet.   The protests and subsequent violence in Egypt are affecting our lives in the United States.   Gasoline prices which had begun to stabilize now are headed upward because of the fear that the supply of oil from the Arab-producing nations will be reduced.  We’ll likely be paying more at the pump.   Investors dislike uncertainty.   We see uncertainty’s effect on the world’s stock markets.  On a personal level, many of our investments in stocks will take a hit, including our 401Ks.  Egypt may be half a world away, but what happens there doesn’t take long to make the trip to the USA.


One Response to “Isolationism….not”

  1. David Says:

    Mr. McClellan,
    This is not related to this post. I couldn’t see a better place to leave it so I’m just leaving it on the most recent post.
    I saw you today at the Tartan Trot and I just got through viewing your Santa Stroll Picture Show. (Picture #72 is me. It looks like both feet are actually off the ground!)
    I just wanted to say “Thank You!” for performing such a great service to the North Georgia running community in documenting these races. I know it must take a lot of effort to put the shows together.
    It is greatly appreciated!
    Thank you,

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