Mohs Dermatologist

This is a picture of my right little finger.  I got a call Monday from my dermatologist, Dr. Martin Goldstein.   He had cut out a small portion of damaged skin that wouldn’t heal on its own.  The lab found that it was “squamous cell carcinoma”, a non-life threatening type of cancer.  Dr. Goldstein says the surgery he performed may have removed all of the squamous cells, but if not, there’s likely “Mohs” surgery” in my future.  The microscopically controlled surgery is named after Dr. Frederic Mohs who developed the technique.  The Mohs surgeon is a specialist.   He has an on-site lab that examines each piece of tissue as he removes it.   The Mohs Specialist keeps cutting until the lab shows the cancer is no longer there.  Maybe Dr. Goldstein already has eliminated it, but we won’t know that for at least a couple  more weeks.  God’s got me!


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