Bay Window

This as yet unfinished bay window a contractor is installing in our home this week.   It’s in the kitchen and will be a wonderful place for potted plants.  The bay window reminds me of my mother.    My mother and father with my older sister and me lived in a rental home in east Tennessee.   We would sometimes go driving in the evening looking at houses that my parents thought one day might be our home.  My mother spotted this house with a bay window.    She told my father that to live in a home like that would be a dream fulfilled.   So they saved and finally had enough to begin building a home.   It had the bay window.  Mom was so happy.    My wife, Gisela, wanted our window as a Christmas present.  But manufacturer delays postponed it until this week.  Would that Gisela will be as happy with our bay window as my mom was with her’s in 1937.


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