Getting evaluated

As part of an evaulation of my fitness, this curling tests shows my arm strength or lack of it.   I’m thinking about the possibility of moving my workouts to the Kennestone Health Place in Marietta, Georgia.  That’s where this picture was shot.   Kennestone is much closer to my home than my half-hour commute to the Emory university facility.   After almost 3 years, it would be hard to leave Emory because of the staff and friends.  But the staff at Kennestone too is welcoming and friendly.  Michael is an intern in physical exercise from nearby Kennesaw State University.   Megan is a Physical Exercise Specialist.   It was Megan who evaluated my current fitness.  I may be the most inflexible person she’s ever tested.  I’m weighing the pros and cons of a move.  I’ll stay with both Kennestone and Emory for at least 3 months before making a decision.   When you have to make a choice, it’s great to know you can’t go wrong either way…unless  you become lazy and dont go to either.


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