Pansies and toy helicopters

These pansies are among the flowers I saw Tuesday in my neighborhood.  It’s a hardy flower.   They were huddled close together when the temperatures dropped near twenty degrees just a short while ago.    With  a warming trend to the  mid sixties, the purple beauties have opened up… spreading their petals in the pot that’s their home.   My wife tells me that pansies survive the cold  from October thru April,  but come the hot breath of Summer, they’re gone.  Also gone, but not lost is my neighbor’s toy helicopter.    George Boyd was flying his remote controlled helicopter when it crashed into a tree just acros the road from his home.   The remarkable thing is that this was more than a year ago.    Through the winds and weather, the fire-engine red chopper has remained lodged in the high branches of the tree.   George says he’s been intending to use a ladder to retrieve his “bird”, but keeps putting it off.   Why ever get it down?   It’s a constant that this someetimes pilot can see every day to remind himself not to fly so close to trees.


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