Guts or love?

A retired lawyer said to me, “it must take a lot of guts for a journalist to get out there like that.”    He was talking about the CBS reporter who was attacked and sexually assaulted while covering some of the current riots.   I suggest that it doesn’t take guts because the reporter was doing what she had chosen as a career.   Journalists earn their stripes by being willing..even anxious…to cover any kind of story.    The essence of news is conflict.    Where there’s conflict between opposing groups, there’s often danger for the reporters caught in between.   I remember several instances of covering riots during the civil rights movement.   I was shot at in the Dixie Hills section of Atlanta.    Demonstrators threw bricks on Boulevard near what used to be called the Georgia Baptist Hospital.   I saw combat in Vietnam.   All of these incidents gave me pause, but never stopped me and others from doing what we love.


One Response to “Guts or love?”

  1. Ned Puddleman Says:

    Call me sexist or just a protectionist when it comes to women but CBS never should have sent a female reporter to cover that. The sad fact is that in situations like that men get beat up, kidnapped, or shot. Women get raped. The people that raped her are subhuman animals and CBS should have known better.

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