The cats in the windows

Marlee is looking at the outside world where she’s been only once since coming to live with us.  We adopted Marlee almost 6 month ago after the death of our beloved Mac.   Marlee weighed only 15 ounces when she got us.  Now she’s 7.5 pounds plus.   Her one time outside was when we accidentally left a door open.  Once outside, she quickly did an about face and scratched loudly on the door to get back inside.  Now, the 7-month-old seems content to go no farther than the bay window to watch the squirrels, the pond, and other sights that fascinate her.   She seems to sense that she’s safe with the window panes separating her from the unknown.  We’re blessed to have her and the senior feline member of our family

Misty.   Misty seems to prefer the perch looking out through the front window.   She too prefers the indoors.


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