He murdered his parents and sister (update)

Almost a year ago, I posted a story on Andrew Grant DeYoung.   I wrote that it had been 15 years since a Cobb County, Georgia  Jury sentenced DeYoung to death for the murder of his parents and sister.  Now it’s been 16 years and the convicted murderer’s attorneys continue to take actions that are keeping him alive.   Last week, they wrote a letter to the United States Department of Justice.  They claim the chemicals the Georgia Department of Corrections is using for lethal injections…they claim that those chemicals are out of date and would cause DeYoung and other death-row inmates to die in “excruciating pain.”     DeYoung’s attorneys want the Department of Justice to investigate to see whether their claims are valid.  For his victims that he caused excruciating pain and other background with pictures, please see my earlier posting from March 20, 2010.  One of the ways you can find it quickly is to google “Andrew Grant DeYoung”.    It’ll bring up several stories including my posting from 2010.


One Response to “He murdered his parents and sister (update)”

  1. Buck Says:

    The electric chair was built for creatures like him. He is just another piece of sh** that doesn’t have the right to be on this earth. He has got alot of nerve to breathe our air. My sympathy is for his mother and father and sister. He needs to be a man [for once] and take his just punishement. I guess if you are born a coward you go out a coward.

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